Pregnancy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Pregnancy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about pregnancy means that big changes are about to happen soon. It does not mean that you will become pregnant, but that positive things will happen that will change your life.

Pregnancy is the most important period in most women’s lives. It is the moment in which she is gifted with all sensitivity for nine months, experiencing, with great intensity, sensations that she has never felt before. New emotions arise between desires to eat different things or even substances that are not edible, like earth, for example.

Pregnancy itself is the process of transformation that generates life itself. It is the great meaning of one who gives light to another human being. Dreaming of pregnancy is full of profound meanings.

The meaning of a dream is surrounded by an atmosphere of analysis of the messages that dreams bring us through the subconscious. They are usually related to daily thoughts, repressed desires and unresolved situations and emotions. They can also be only free manifestations of the deepest desires and fears. The meaning of dreaming about pregnancy can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the dream situation, which feelings you had and, especially, the details involved.

Dreaming about pregnancy is related not only to femininity, but also to many feelings and sensations that encompass novelties in life, strong emotions and great discoveries. See here what it means to dream about pregnancy in various occasions and contexts.

What does it mean to dream that you were pregnant?

What does it mean to dream about the baby touching your belly?

What does it mean to dream about a positive pregnancy test?

Dreaming That You Are Pregnant

Dreaming that you are pregnant is connected to worries. You are probably very worried about the future and issues that you consider impossible to resolve. This is true for both women and men, who can also dream that they are pregnant.

Although it is less common, it can happen. Try to relax and solve each thing in your time. Dreaming that you are pregnant can still be a personal feeling that you really want to get pregnant and end up dreaming. If this is your case, the dream indicates that you are anxious to have the child soon. Try to let things happen naturally, each in your own time.

Dream About Someone Else’s Pregnancy

Dreaming of another person’s pregnancy is also related to concern, especially with family members. If in the dream the person who is pregnant is unknown, it may indicate that some surprise is coming your way. But if in the dream the person you see pregnant is known, then it can be both surprise and worry about someone, not necessarily the one who appears pregnant in the dream.

Dreaming About Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming about a pregnancy test indicates that something you are really looking forward to and have been planning for some time is about to happen. If in your dream you have seen the result of the pregnancy test, it also indicates how things are going to go in your plans.

If the test was positive in the result, attention, you may be exaggerating in your expenses and, although you are able to reach your goals, you are financially unbalanced. If the test was negative, it shows that you are going in the right direction. Continue and take the time to focus even more on your goals.

Dreaming About Unwanted Pregnancy

Pregnancy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of unwanted pregnancies can be involved in your relationships, both friendly and loving. In this case, a little negative indicates that something is not going very well. It may be that you are having some conflict with a person you actually like. Pay attention to the people closest to you and see if everything is going well in the communication between you. Try to be patient and always listen carefully to what others are saying about you and how they feel.

Dream About A Friend’s Pregnancy

Dreaming of a friend’s pregnancy indicates good news. Generally for the person you see in your dream. Probably some news is about to arrive, which could be a job, a new relationship or a trip. Dreaming of a pregnant friend is always synonymous with happiness for her. It also shows that you are in a sensitive and generous moment, that you can identify the happiness of the other person and eradicate positive thoughts about her, represents messages of optimism and hope.

Dreaming Of Interrupted Pregnancy

Dreaming of an interrupted pregnancy may be related to some minor trauma facts you had in childhood. Even if they are considered small and light, the subconscious still reveals emotions about the fact. It can be delicate to think and deal with these matters, but we are beings endowed with both consciousness and unconsciousness.

And dreams are, in fact, a great channel for us to reach messages from the subconscious and know how to treat and interpret them, always in a cohesive and balanced way. It can also indicate that you are tired of investing so much time in something that hasn’t given you results yet. But instead of giving up, on the contrary, now is the time to continue believing firmly and investing in your goals.

Dreaming Of A Baby Touching Your Tummy

Dreaming that you’re pregnant with your baby moving inside your belly means you’re feeling a lack of affection. You need love, someone to make you feel good. It may represent the lack of attention you feel from your partner.
Here’s all about what it means to dream of birth.

Dreaming About Twin Pregnancies

Pregnancy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of twin pregnancies is a sign of much prosperity in all aspects and areas of life. Twins is related not to duality, but to the positive multiplication of life. It’s time to bet even more on your projects and plans, because it’s a prosperous moment for you. When you dream that you are pregnant with twins you can feel great sensations during the day, of pure positivity.

Dreaming Of False Pregnancy

Dreaming of a false pregnancy can be a sign that you are rambling too much on about miraculous ideas or past events. It is certainly wasting too much energy on people or situations that will not bring results, much less happen again.

Try to focus more on your goals and tasks, receive what comes as news to you. Letting go of the past or vague ideas will make you look at the present and the future in a positive way, and this will certainly make all the difference in your happiness and achievements.

Dreaming About A Relative’s Pregnancy

Dreaming about a relative’s pregnancy reveals meanings similar to dreams about a friend’s pregnancy. The difference is that dreaming of a pregnant relative has a stronger connection to you. The sensations you have when dreaming can be identified and interpreted to reach your private interpretation. If in your dream you were somehow worried about this relative, it indicates that you can go visit him and share a little more friendship and love.

Dreaming About A Man’s Pregnancy

Dreaming of a pregnant man is related to confusion in his own feelings. Doubts may be in the air regarding existential issues, issues about the future, and also important decision making. But above all, it is a positive atmosphere in which you have every freedom to think, reflect and choose.

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