Prayer – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of prayer means something linked to the spiritual, since this act is essentially linked to faith, no matter what its religion is.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Prayer?

Thus, dreams of prayer connect you with the divine, especially when you have this strong belief in you. It may even be a good time to renew your faith.

In general, this dream is a positive sign. The spirituality inherent in it deals with an elevation of your inner self and makes the meaning of dreaming of prayer deal with this connection with something pure and holy. Thus, it is interesting that you seek to enhance this side of yours in search of a positive feeling and that it brings you an inner peace.

However, it is important to realize that dreams do not usually deal with a subject only in general, but it is very common that there is a context for it. The different contexts presented end up representing different interpretations. Thus, in order to better understand what it means to dream of prayer, it may be interesting to go a little deeper into the various existing possibilities.

Dream You Are Praying

You Are Praying

Dreaming that now is something that brings a meaning of respect, sincerity and humility. This is because when we are praying, we are opening a window to our soul. In this way, there is no greater sincerity than this, since, believing in God, we know that he understands everything we do.

Having humility before the creator of putting himself in the condition of prayer is something that concerns this dream, as well as respect for it. These characteristics are very present in your life and represent a true brand of yours, no matter how much you do not notice.

This dream denotes, therefore, that you put yourself in this condition of speaker in search of help, so it is common that you are at this moment in need of help, and your humble profile assures you that you will be able to look for someone who does this for you.

However, it is important that you put aside some silly fears and old problems, as it is necessary that you open up to the new in search of personal improvement. This search for improvement is also associated with the figure of prayer and has a strong connection with the dream.

Dream You See Someone Praying

Dreaming of someone praying is an indication that you are feeling lost. This dream is common after bad events in our lives, and it is normal that, in the face of this, we seek divine help. In this way, there is an association with this request for help from God with your current need to ask someone for help.

Therefore, look for a trustworthy person so that they take part in this, either with attitudes or even with a friendly word. Accept the support in the way you are offered, because when something is done from the heart, it can have enormous value, however simple it may be.

Dreaming Of A Lots Of People Praying

Lots Of People Praying

Dreaming of many people praying is something that indicates the great extent of this act. Thus, this has a meaning in you, as it indicates that you should promote a great process of reflection.

We often live in situations where we try to impose on us certain values and issues that are not compatible with ours. Therefore, it is important that you keep in mind the person that you really are and who can understand what values are non-negotiable.

Dream Of Answered Prayer

Dreaming that a prayer is answered is something that brings us a certain feeling that we are being answered. However, the answer that will come is not always something that matches what was asked in prayer.

Usually this is because divine wisdom is far above ours and truly understands what benefits us most, whether in the short or long term.

Despite this, the fact that there is such correspondence reveals to us that, in our real life, we are closer to achieving what we want. In case the answer is not what we expect, this means that you only need a few adjustments in your posture, but that you must be prepared for conquest.

Dreaming You Are Praying At The Mass

Praying At The Mass

Dreaming that now in Mass is linked to what this event represents to the faithful, after all, this is a greater moment of connection with God and faith in him. Thus, going to mass is looking for a spiritual reward with approaching the Father.

It is to this feeling that this dream is associated, indicating that you are looking for a reward in your life, be it something material, the cure of some illness or even an important reconciliation.

Dream That Heard Someone Praying

Dreaming that you are hearing someone pray can mean that you are in need of some kind of help. A guidance in times of confusion can be of great value. So look for someone you trust in this moment of uncertainty.

In addition, it can be useful that you also seek spiritual support, after all, faith moves mountains. Seek peace, because it is very important at any time in our lives, and an indication that things are going well.

Dream You Can’t Pray

This dream portrays a certain distance you have been having with the divine figure. Your faith may have been shaken by some situation, even if you have not stopped believing. It is no reason for despair, because everyone can end up with this moment of doubt or withdrawal in life, and that doesn’t make you worse than anyone.

If you feel bad about it, it may be important to seek a closer approach, either through the word of religious or through reading, in a slightly more proactive way. However, it is important that you understand that feeling is something that cannot be controlled, and if, even seeking rapprochement, you still feel distant, it may be that this is beyond your ability at this time and only time can cure it.

Dreaming You Are Praying Of Kness

This variation indicates that you are surrendering to the divine will, that is, you are in a moment of submission. Remember that this does not mean something negative, as this is a sign of faith and that you are relying on the spiritual to overcome your problems.

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