Nits – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Lice And Nits

Dreaming of nits usually means something tied to lice. This is no surprise, because nits are nothing more than the eggs of this insect, and are therefore a “juvenile” form of lice.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Nits?

The association of dreams with nits the itching of the head is quite common, and this act is also a symbol of what someone is thinking. That’s the biggest meaning of dreaming about nits. There is something bothering you, and it has been bringing a lot of thoughts and reflections. Something bad may be about to happen, and that is worthy of your attention.

However, dreams can occur in different ways, and each variation can comprise a different interpretation as well. Because of this, it is important to know a little more about the different contexts that may appear to you and thus better understand what it means to dream of nits.

Dream You See Nits

Seeing a nits in a dream can be an indication that you have been facing some problems in accepting your own image. There is a great concern about what others may be commenting about you, with a quest to achieve a certain perfection. However, you need to remember that no one is perfect and not even Jesus was able to please everyone.

Those who try to please everyone end up not being able to please anyone, not even themselves. Try to change a little attitude, as this is very harmful to you. You can’t live for others without harming yourself, because we all need to devote our attention to our goals. Although it is important to convey a good image, not to control everything they will think of you, then what counts is the rule of “live and let live”.

Dreaming Of Nits In The Head

Nits In The Head

Dreaming that you have nits on your head is linked to your own image once again. However, this reflects how there is a lack of care on your part with it. This is affecting you, because you usually see yourself in a way and now you feel that you are not up to what you are used to presenting.

It is not good to let concerns about the look affect you so much, because this is not the most important thing in life, but maintaining a feeling of well-being with yourself is very interesting even for the sake of your self-esteem. So it may be time to take some time and take care of yourself, with everything you are entitled to.

Dreaming Of Lice And Nits

Dreaming of lice and nits together seems complicated, as it turns out to be a junction of these new and slightly older animals. This indicates that there are problems accompanying you for a certain time and they are continually renewing themselves. You have been carrying a lot in your head, and this is becoming a real nuisance in your life, affecting your ability to perform your daily activities, including.

Therefore, this dream can be a warning from your subconscious so that you start paying attention to these problems, given their harmful nature. It is reaching the limit point and you must take action to get rid of this torment. It is very important that you work as soon as possible to reverse this situation.

Dreaming Of Live Lice

Live Lice

If nits are alive in your dream, there may be two paths of interpretation. The first one concerns the figure of the animal when it is not in its head.

When he is appearing to have a life of his own, it is an indication that he is reaching a certain maturity in his life, and this may end up relating to health and well-being, indicating that you are in good condition in this respect, so it is interesting that you keep this footprint for your own benefit.

On the other hand, seeing these animals in your head can mean, once again, the existence of problems, but in this case, it is important to understand that they are starting at this time and it is up to you to try to cut the evil at the root before it becomes something bigger.

Dreaming That Picking Nits

Dreaming that you are picking nits indicates that you have been encountering difficulties in your life, but that you are looking for ways to deal with it. There are many challenges we face on a daily basis and sometimes they may seem impossible to overcome, but the important thing is not to bow your head.

This dream starts from your subconscious so that you try to maintain your fighting spirit and do not give up, because you are treading the path of victory. The dream thus represents your ability to fight for what you want, so don’t forget it.

Dream Kills Lice

Kills Lice

This dream is directly linked to the previous one, because when we are picking nits, we also end up killing them. Acts hardly dissociate, and their meanings are not far away, then.

If, in addition to picking up, you were also killing nits, this is further an indication of your ability to deal with your problems, but it is also an indication that the results are closer than you think, and it is important to pay attention to this, but without losing focus.

Dreaming Of Lice Falling Out Of The Head

Dreaming that nits fall off your head is usually a good omen, as this is an indication that you are leaving aside concerns about what others think of you and starting to give a greater focus on yourself. Knowing how to value yourself is something very important and you are starting to do it in a very positive way.

It can be a path to greater happiness, so it is important that you try to stay that way, but very carefully not to start acting with a certain selfishness. Remember that it is never good to exaggerate anything, after all, this is advice that we hear a lot and is always valid.

Dreaming Of Lice Shampoo

While picking up and killing nits is an activity that requires great work and concentration, this is something more efficient, capable of achieving great results without so much manual effort. This is a symbol of the success of your work. You have been achieving good results and your ability to solve problems has yielded much fruit.

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