Monkey – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a monkey means that your immature side influences your personality a lot, which can be harmful to you. Don’t be fooled and seek your maturity in order not to be passed over by malicious people.

Check below some of the main monkey dreams. Dreaming about monkeys, if they are meek, is very good, because it shows that you are surrounded by good people, faithful friends and family who carry love for you. Your life is full of good company for all moments.

Already dreaming of nervous and agitated monkeys is a bad sign. Be aware of the suspicious movement of groups of people who are moved by anger and discord, you may be one of those impacted.

Dreaming About A Monkey Cub

Good news, the family will grow. Dreaming about a monkey cub is one of those dreams that everyone likes to have, since it pre-announces the arrival of a new member in the family. And since you were the dreamer, your role in this child’s life will be of great importance. Be proud of that!

Dreaming About Monkey Running After Me

When dreaming of a monkey running after me, I must know how to look at my friends and recognize which of them are too insecure to be by my side, especially when one day I need them.

Dreaming Of Black Monkey

 Black Monkey

Dreaming of a black monkey reveals to you a shrewd and cunning woman around you. A betrayal is all she wants. Stay tuned and suspicious of the one who shows herself to be too friendly without first having given reasons for it.

Dream Of A Monkey Following You

Dreaming that you are followed by a monkey is not always a bad sign if you know how to make the best of this agitation that the monkey has in you. To follow you is the least, the important thing here is to be able to learn from that person who seems to torment you all the time.

Dreaming About Little Monkey

Little Monkey

Dreaming of a small monkey is a very specific dream for those who are engaged. Some difficulties involving your feelings may arise until the wedding date. Think of this as a final test to see if you are really ready to take this decisive step.

Dreaming Of A Monkey Biting

Attention! Dreaming of a biting monkey symbolizes that its most cunning enmities are trying to cause you great harm. Never underestimate how far people are willing to go to see someone suffer on the ground.

Dream That You Are Bitten By A Monkey

Despite the savagery, dreaming that a monkey bites you announces the arrival of good times that will bring more tranquility and peace of mind to your life. Who knows how to start a meditation or yoga practice is not a good one?

Dream With Many Monkeys

Many Monkeys

This dream points to the existence of a false person within his circle of friendships and could cause tremendous unease in his family life. Pay attention to who you put inside your home and divide your home. Attention to fraud.

Dreaming of several monkeys may be indicating that financial fraud is going on right under your nose and you are wasting time and money. Problems with the police should arise if you don’t act quickly and confidentially.

Dream That You Play With Monkey

Dreaming that you have fun with a monkey brings good news. You will be awarded a career promotion or you will have a loving reconciliation. Whether it’s a blessing or not, your days will become happier and happier, putting you in a pleasant state of lightness.

Dreaming Of A Hanging Monkey

Dreaming of a hanging monkey is an allegory that shows that your worst enemies could cause your ruin if you continue playing with the insinuations and threats they make to you. This dream is very specific for work environments. Open your eye.

Dream Of A Trapped Monkey

Trapped Monkey

Dreaming of a trapped monkey should be visibly It is like a dive inside of you. It is time for you to recognize what your prejudices are and work to end them. You will still feel free when you manage to resolve these issues within yourself.

Be careful with enmities. Dreaming of a caged monkey shows the domination of one being over another. If you don’t want to be trapped inside your anguishes, be more careful with the enmities you make.

Dreaming About A Loose Monkey

This dream shows the end of your difficulties. The obstacles you feared so much one day became too small for the size of your legs and are now easy to overcome. Take advantage of the good phase to take big steps towards your desires.

However, dreaming of a monkey in freedom can represent a possible infidelity coming from the person you love so much. Don’t overwind, some relationships just don’t work when you give the other too much wings. There are people who need to be kept on a short leash.

Dreaming About Dead Monkey

Dreaming of a dead monkey is a sign of fights within your love relationship. It is important to never let oneself be carried away by provocations, especially those that attack the ego and its jealousy. This knife is powerful and sharp enough to kill the love that exists between you two.

Dream That Feeds Monkeys

 Feeds Monkeys

Dreaming that feeds monkeys means a new love. When you feed monkeys, we know that you have been nurturing a good feeling for another person, or that you are looking to find a true love and it will come, be sure of it.

It also means plenty and prosperity. Dreaming that you give food to monkeys is a sign of generosity on your part and this will certainly earn you recognition and even certain thanks, which can generate much prosperity and abundance throughout life. If you are involved in NGOs and philanthropy, know that your dedication will be well rewarded.

Dream That You Mistreat Monkeys

Dreaming that you mistreat monkeys has a direct connection with your relatives, whether they are close or not. It is likely that you have certain attitudes that are hurting the feelings of your loved ones. Pay attention to your way of speaking and how people react to it, this tip is worth gold

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