Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming with a mirror means that you care a lot about the image you pass on to other people. It may have a sense of superficiality or that you are trying to see yourself as you really are.

Vanity and superficiality are some of the characteristics given to what it means to dream with a mirror. You may be tied to a concern about how your image is seen by others. If the image is clear, you may be seeing a vision of your truths.

Furthermore, the mirror wants to show your psychological identity. That is, you are trying to see your inner image, or how you see yourself. Dreaming with mirrors can be a good way to try to know yourself more.

It can also mean that you really need to think more about yourself. It is no wonder that when we do an introspection, we refer to it as reflection. The reflection of a mirror can indicate the reflection of your soul. However, what is in there is not always what we hope to see. Let us know what it means to dream of a mirror and each of its different images shown to us.

Dreaming That You See A Mirror

In general, it is connected to some kind of representation or image that you project, being usually something of your own. To see a mirror in a dream is something passive of several interpretations. However, it is strongly linked to your psychological identity. This is because the mirror usually concerns personal reflections we make, especially the most intimate ones.

Dreaming That Looks Into A Mirror

Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This dream is probably related to your own emotions, that is, your current emotional state. The interpretation here depends on how you see yourself. If you look in the mirror and find yourself ugly, it may mean that you must pay attention to your own negative details, because they may be getting in the way of your life.

Jealousy, anger, envy and hurt can be hurting you at this time. Notice these feelings more and work to improve your situation. In an opposite way, if you see yourself beautiful and with a good aura, focus more on your positive points. Enjoy this good moment in your life and explore feelings like confidence and happiness.

However, if you look in the mirror it can mean a certain vanity. Be careful not to let this vanity hurt you.

The meaning of dreaming that you look in the mirror is strongly linked to introspection. It is time to seek to know yourself more. Knowing what does you good and what does you wrong. Potentiate that which helps you and eliminate that which hinders you. Here it is also important to know how to deal with these changes, because the dream is inviting you to reflect on your attitudes. Be patient and know how to work well on your personal improvement.

Dreaming Of A Broken Mirror

Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Although popularly broken mirror means bad luck, in dreams this is not exactly true. In this situation, the broken mirror may indicate that you have some harmful habit, that it is harming you. That is, there is something in your own image that you should reject.

Try to understand what can cause this mirror breakage and look for the habit that should be fought. Understand what has been hurting you and know how to cut these poisonous habits to you and even to others.

Dream That You Break A Mirror

When you break the mirror, the dream presents a new possible interpretation. Here, you are breaking an image of yourself that is left behind, which you no longer like. You have decided to leave this bad image in the past, breaking with the old and embracing the new. Negative forces are fading from this.

Positive things and much prosperity are in your way from now on. This dream indicates a personal evolution. Therefore, dreaming that you are breaking a mirror should not be seen as bad luck for yourself, but as something completely positive and pleasant.

Dream That You Don’t See Your Image Reflected In The Mirror

This dream may be implying that you have lost your ability to identify yourself. It may be linked to some change you have made to please others, but you have lost your own identity in the process. This is something quite common to happen, especially when we are trying to fit into new social groups.

From here, the most important thing is to try to recover what you lost. Look for where your changes started and understand better why you changed. It’s a moment of much reflection, because it’s extremely important that we know how to identify ourselves in the world. Do not leave the person you really are aside for nothing.

Dream Of A Two-sided Mirror

This situation indicates that you are going to meet some delicate issue, be it interior or exterior. However, everything here is related to your subconscious. This is because mirrors are links between the consciousness and the subconscious.

Seeing images through this kind of mirror can represent a more tranquil way of dealing with subconscious issues. In parallel, dreaming that you are being observed by a double-sided mirror may mean that you are feeling, in a certain way, judged and criticized by others. However, this dream may indicate that, in fact, you are unwilling to know the emotions of your subconscious better.

Dreaming Of A Blurred Mirror

The state related to this dream is that of confusion. The blurred mirror indicates that you may be lost in relation to some important issue or even to you. The more blurred the mirror, the greater the level of doubt.

In this situation, there is something you feel unable to resolve and it is causing you to feel lost. There is a lack of clarity and purpose, and you are questioning even your own identity. Therefore, better define the objectives of your life and use this as a guide to achieve more and more objectives.

Dreaming Of A Cracked Mirror

Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

In a cracked mirror, the projected image can become distorted and this is the image we have of ourselves. In this dream, seeing yourself in a cracked mirror can indicate that your own image is distorted.

Almost as if there were no desire to see reality itself. This dream can project a non-real image of ourselves. Your goals are obscured with the broken mirror. Alternatively, it may mean that you must break with old habits.

Dreaming That You See Another Person In The Mirror Reflection

The meaning of seeing a person in the mirror varies according to who you see in that mirror. If it is a friend, it may be related to a financial loss or some lack of honesty in you, indicating a possible betrayal.

If it is someone you love, it can be linked to a good feeling nurtured and the desire to establish a more lasting relationship, indicating even a desire to get married. If you see someone who is already dead, it may mean a long journey ahead. In case you are a stranger, there is an omen of luck in your life.

Dreaming That You See An Animal Reflected In The Mirror

If there is an animal in the mirror, the meaning is actually more related to the animal itself than the mirror itself. Therefore, try to understand better what the meaning of that particular animal is in your dream to find out what it is trying to tell you.

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