Mattress – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


There are days when we are so exhausted that all we want is to get to our homes and lie down on a comfortable mattress, right? But, even spending every night in it, dreaming about a mattress can seem very unusual. However, this dream is more common than you think!

Dream Mattress

Reflecting on this object and how it is so essential for our routine comfort, its dreamlike meaning may be more obvious than we think. In general, the meaning of dreaming about a mattress can range from a desire to be in a more reserved place and even entering a more mature phase of your life. But it is clear that dreams with a mattress carry different meanings that depend on the circumstances of what happened on it.

Dreaming You See A Mattress

Dreaming that you only see a mattress can symbolize that you want security and stability, whether in your work or even in a relationship. This dream marks a phase of his life with more maturity, in which he realizes the need to be more careful on these two points, as he knows how to appreciate himself or has already gone through insecurity problems in a courtship or in the professional sector.

Dreaming Lying On A Mattress

Lying on Mattress

Do you know when you come home exhausted and lie down on a comfortable mattress in a very relaxing way, because you know that the day’s effort was worth it? Well, dreaming that you lie on a mattress has, more or less, the same meaning, because it symbolizes that you have finally reached that goal that you worked so hard for!

Dreaming About Buying A Mattress

As we said above, dreaming about a mattress can symbolize a new phase of maturation that is coming into your life. Thus, dreaming that you are buying a mattress brings precisely this symbolism and that, as you are more mature, new responsibilities will arise. This can really be scary at first, but try to see that with more responsibilities to face, the more personal evolution you will find!

Dreaming About Selling A Mattress

When you are selling a mattress in your dreams, the meaning is just the opposite of the one above. It comes as a warning that you are facing this stage of maturity so well that you know that some responsibilities are not yours and then you need to pass them on to the person who really needs to take care of them. That is, you have evolved to the point of knowing that you should not carry everything on your back.

Dreaming That Spills Something On The Mattress

Spills Something On The Mattress

When in your dream you are spilling something on the mattress, whether on purpose or not, this can be an alert that you are sabotaging yourself or avoiding something you need to face. Whether it is a phase of more responsibility or just a simple problem, face the message as a warning that it is no use disturbing something that will bring you a lot of personal evolution, fear is not worth it when it is used to stay in the comfort zone.

Dreaming That Jumps On The Mattress

No matter what we do, there will always be someone criticizing, and dreaming that you are jumping on the mattress speaks about that! This dream may symbolize that several people are saying that you have too many ambitions and that you will not be able to cope. But, as no message from the dream universe is in vain, understand that talking about you is just the biggest motivation!

Dreaming About Old Mattress

In real life, old mattresses hurt and can provide many sleepless nights, those that will put you in a bad mood the next day. In dreams, this can mean a cry from your unconscious, because you are in a time of great stress, full of anxiety attacks and thinking too much, at work or in a relationship.

This saturation appears as a serious alert that must be paid close attention! At this point, look for alternatives to lower this agitation. Take care of yourself, do new things, like sports, courses or even meet new people, to notice that life is short and this stress can shorten it even more!

Dreaming About A New Mattress

If you dreamed of a new mattress in a store or anywhere that was not your space, this symbolizes that you are a person who seeks harmony above all and this dream reflects your positive intentions for the future that comes.

Dreaming about a new mattress in a really appropriate place to take a good nap brings even better meaning! This shows that everything is conspiring in your favor, including the universe, so everything will be fine very soon!

Dreaming About A Torn Mattress

Torn Mattress

A torn mattress, in addition to being aesthetically ugly, is also not at all comfortable. So, in dreams, it has a very important meaning, showing that you are feeling dissatisfied at some point in your life. See where this dissatisfaction comes from and what you can improve to stop feeling like this, maintaining an emotionally balanced life.

Dreaming Of A Mattress On Fire

The symbol of fire is something very important in dreams and it can have different meanings. If, in your dream, a mattress was on fire, it can symbolize that a new passion is on the way, one of those to set your heart and bed on fire!

Already other experts argue that dreaming about the burning mattress shows that you are burning your comfort zone and entering a very positive phase of new challenges, which will only bring you evolution and progress.

Dreaming about a burnt mattress has a more worrying meaning. It shows that you can be in a phase of extreme sensitivity, having a greater propensity to suffocate with grief and anguish! You have difficulties in venting all the pressure you are feeling and this accumulation can even generate new diseases. Go in search of someone who can hear you, remembering that, many times, the people we least imagine are willing to listen and help.

Dreaming About A Hard Mattress

As it is in reality, dreaming about a hard mattress shows that something is making you uncomfortable. Be it in some family friction or even in the professional environment, focus on yourself and stay away from any possible confusion.

Dreaming Of A Comfortable Mattress

Already dreaming of a comfortable mattress shows that you are living in such a good time and with such security that your reality is being expressed in the dream universe. Enjoy this phase with open arms and without fear of what the world is giving you!

Experts also argue that this dream means that their family environment is overflowing with happiness, especially if it is the beginning of a couple’s life.

Dreaming About Mattress In Water

In the universe of dreams, water symbolizes purification, cleanliness and evolution. So, dreaming about a mattress in the water may be showing that you are not feeling useful in life and the mattress in the water is a positive warning that these destructive thoughts are already being pushed away from you. But for your mind to really be cleansed, you need to be open to it.

Dreaming About Mattress On The Street

Pay attention to this dream, as it may be that you are living more in a fantasy world than reality, that is, there are great chances that someone is deluding you! The street is a public place, so you can even lie on a good mattress and believe you are comfortable, but the place is nowhere near what we can call comfort, as there are many people around you and none safety.

Dreaming About Contaminated Mattress

Whether dreaming about a mattress that is making you sick or even a mattress full of disgusting bugs, dreaming about a contaminated mattress is a serious and clear warning that there may be people around you who are sucking all of your energy. So rethink everyone around you and identify that person as soon as possible.

Dreaming Of A Crib Mattress

In the dream universe, dreaming about a crib can mean the beginning of prosperous love, and when you dream about a crib mattress, the meaning is also positive. It symbolizes that a big surprise will come soon in your life, it could be a big love, a trip or even a child!

Dreaming About Inflatable Mattress

We generally use an inflatable mattress for fleeting situations, such as travel or events. In the dream universe, dreaming about the inflatable mattress has a very similar meaning, because it is trying to show that you are in a passing circumstance, and this transient moment depends a lot on something that you are currently experiencing.

For example, that job that is causing you dissatisfaction is just a moment with no future. So, don’t worry, but also take the opportunity to learn from this moment.






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