Lioness – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about a lioness has quite different meanings for some experts. While many argue that the meaning of dreaming about a lioness represents some disharmony in life, especially in the goals you are aiming for,

Dream About Lioness

Some say that dreams about a lioness represent that you are in a phase full of determination, where you act as if you were a true lioness to protect your children. Read below what it means to dream about a lioness.

Dreaming Of Seeing A Lioness

Seeing A Lioness

Dreaming that you saw a lioness has two different meanings. If she was walking or standing still, in a more agitated way, this is a sign that you will be experiencing some difficulties very soon. You probably already know what the difficulty is, but you still have no idea how to solve it.

Dream That Sees A Lioness

However, if the animal was totally tame, playing with you, it already means that a moment of peace and balance begins in your life, even if a problem arises, you will have the energy to solve it.

Dreaming Lioness Attacking

Dreaming that a lioness is attacking you appears as an alert to warn you that you are allowing yourself to be dominated by a person or a situation. Be aware if this is happening, especially in your love life, as it is showing you that this domination is weakening you, like a vampire sucking your energies.

Experts argue that it also means an alert, but to show that you have caused something so bad with someone you loved, that this person is overwhelmed by anger and a great desire to attack you.

Thus, it may be that this huge wave of anger is blinding the person to the point that he can try to harm him in every way possible, like a lioness attacking an animal that tried to kill its young. In that case, seek dialogue and try to resolve it by being very sincere.

Dreaming About Angry Lioness

Angry Lioness

Dreaming about a wild lioness means that your life is in urgent need of balance and peace of mind. You are living in a time of great insecurities and anxieties lurking in your mind more and more. This temperament will only block you from all future opportunities and paths that are reserved for you. Now, perhaps it is a good time for you to seek a little isolation to reap evolution and self-knowledge.

Dreaming Of Gentle Lioness

Already dreaming of a soft lioness means exactly the opposite of an angry lioness, as she symbolizes that her life is in an incredible moment. There is a lot of calm, firmness and balance in your life, and that means that all the doors are opening, making you even feel a little confused with the choices that are coming up.

But rest assured, it is an excellent time for you to invest in what you believe in, like side projects, setting goals, trips etc.

Dreaming Of A Lioness Fight

Dreaming about a lioness attacking another usually brings in the dream one that is tame and another much more angry. In this case, it is an alert for you to pay more attention to your relationships, as they may be entering into some type of conflict where you will need to intervene, since you function as their base. Perhaps it is a time when giving up something is the most correct way.

Dreaming Of Lionesses

Dreaming about lionesses, whether you were interacting with them or just seeing them from a distance, means a positive moment in family life. This is a sign that you will have a good time with your family and friends!

If you have recently had a disagreement or illness problem in your family, this moment will reconnect everyone who, in some way, got away with the disagreement. As well as this is for some personal problem that you had, without any relationship with friends or family, since they will help you to overcome some recent sadness.

Dreaming Lioness And Cub

Lioness And Cub

Dreaming of a lioness and a cub appears as a message from your subconscious, warning you that you are avoiding the fact that you have a great desire to increase your family, that is, have children! Furthermore, this dream may not exactly represent a child, but as it may be symbolizing some goal or desire that you crave a lot, but you are terrified of trying.

Despite being a message from the universe, this dream also tells you that the chances of this happening are great, but that it will take a while to really come true.

If you really want to have a child or reach a goal, start by improving your life, eliminating any addiction or stones on the way.

Dreaming Lioness Dying

Dreaming of a lioness dying has two meanings. If in the dream it was you who were killing, it symbolizes that you are a person willing to do anything to achieve your goals, regardless of the obstacle that comes before you. It can also be seen as a sign that something very good will happen if you continue to be that person who destroys any obstacle to getting what you want.

On the other hand, if it was not you who were killing the lioness, this may mean that you are missing some opportunity, precisely because of the lack of perseverance. Since you were not there killing the lioness, someone may be killing and conquering everything you were entitled to. So wake up to life and fight for what is yours!

Dreaming About Dead Lioness

Dreaming of a dead lioness in turn represents a sigh from his unconscious, where he warns that both his mind and body are tired of being mistreated by something or someone.

Because of this, you can even pretend not to, but have been wanting to turn around and stop this situation bothers you. This will depend only on your self-esteem and to notice that around you are several people at your side who would do anything to not let you fall.

So, how about believing in your strength? You can’t help but believe! After all, even with many loved ones by your side to help you, you will only be able to save yourself if you want help too, right?

Dreaming Of A Wounded Lioness

Dreaming about an injured lioness can symbolize some problems of the past that have surfaced and you don’t know how to deal with. Whether that fight was never resolved and the person came up again, or even that disagreement that seemed to be dead, something will return directly to your lap and charge you a mature attitude about the problem.

Thinking about it, and understanding that this problem will nudge you again if you don’t find a way, try to sit down, open a dialogue and, mainly, listen to how the person is feeling about all this. For, being heard may be the only thing the person is wanting. Resolving on the basis of dialogue, you and that person need to understand that life can only move forward and problems need to be buried in the past.




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