Lion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Lion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a lion means strength and pride. You are a person of great value and courage, with a great sense of leadership and self-esteem. However, beware of arrogance.

Symbol of power, dreaming with a lion carries numerous interpretations, and one of them talks about ego, self-esteem, self-image and how you put yourself before the world.

Dreaming with a ferocious lion talks about leadership, as well as the king of the jungle imposes himself to other animals. If you are head of a department, review your concepts, maybe you won’t gain anything in screaming.

Check below some of the many meanings of dreaming with the king of the jungle.

Dreaming Of Brave Lion

Dreaming of a brave lion shows how people are willing to fight for what is of interest to them. Are you also willing? Here it is worth thinking if everything is really worthwhile or if it is time to lower the ball. Reflect on the moment you are living and the circumstances that surround you. Spend your energy only on what you are sure is worthwhile.

Dreaming Of Lion Attack

Dreaming of an attacking lion indicates the cowardice of the strongest towards the weakest. Don’t let pride be sovereign, this is an evil that must be cut at the root. Be fair and honest with people, don’t try to impose your qualities on them.

When dreaming that you are attacked by a lion, be aware that an evil person is trying to interfere in your plans and goals inside the company you work for. Stay alert in relation to the people in your coexistence. Not everyone who seems to be your friend.

Dream Of A Lion Wanting To Catch Me

Dreaming of a lion wanting to catch me indicates a fierce and quick enemy on his hunt. In one way or another he wants your head, so be careful with the cracks you give and leave no traces to pass through. Be discreet and try not to expose yourself, your secrets should not fall into the ears of others.

Dreaming that you are chased by a lion means financial problems. We know that taxes and our fiscal and federal obligations are symbolized by a lion. If you have problems of this order, it is better to settle your accounts with the government.

Dreaming Of A Lion Cub

Lion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of a lion cub talks about cultivating good friendships, the sincerity, dedication, and care that relationships need to have in order to always be valuable. Dreaming of a lion cub anticipates the approach of a sincere and devoted friend. It is the arrival of a valuable treasure in the form of a good friend.

Dreaming About White Lion

Dreaming of white lion speaks of peace and harmony. Of the period of calm that you have already entered or that you will still enter. This phase will last long enough for you to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Take advantage of this moment to calm your life and stay close to the one you love.

Dream Of Black Lion

Dreaming of a black lion requires care in your decisions and especially in your intimate relationships. A bad person is trying to harm you. Don’t give up on false friends and don’t tell anyone everything about your life. Trust only those who deserve it.

Dream Of Lion Attacking Other People

Beware of stressful conflicts. Dreaming of a lion attacking other people reveals how pride is capable of blinding and causing trouble around us. If someone curses you, breathes and releves you, you are under the action of a bad genius. Don’t take everything seriously, because many people like to see you out of themselves.

Dream Of A Meek Lion

The meek lion in the dream may mean that you were afraid to find a person with power over you, or your spouse, but in the end, the meeting went smoothly, and the feared person proved nice and calm (Freud, 2016).

Dreaming of a meek lion announces that a certain someone full of values will create strong bonds with you in the future. The tip of the turn is to preserve the relationship between you. Try to be a receptive person, whom others admire and respect. Don’t hide, because whoever is not seen, is not remembered.

Dreaming About Family Of Lions

Lion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of a family of lions indicates that you can always count on the support of your family, regardless of what you are going through and your posture. You are a lucky person.

Dream That You Tame Lions

Dreaming that you tame lions shows that you are about to make peace with an old friend with whom you had problems in the past. Both have learned their lessons and are ready for a fresh start.

Dreaming you’re taming a lion reveals your autonomy and your proactivity, two positive points in the job market. You have good weapons and you know how to use them.

Dreaming Of Lion Roar

Dreaming of lion roar is quite a threat. Someone is challenging you and is not afraid to face you. Now it’s your turn, will you face it or will you run away?

Dreaming of a roaring lion is always an indication that danger surrounds you. Be careful, because a cunning person may be up to something against you, looking for a way to harm you.

Dreaming Of Golden Lion

Dreaming of a golden lion says about its magnetism to the people who live with you. You charm them and are always well seen by them. Keep it up, and you will always be well remembered.

Dream Of Dead Lion

To dream of a dead lion, as the popular saying goes, is to be brave enough to succeed one day at a time and you know very well how to do it.

Dreaming That Kills A Lion

Dreaming that you kill a lion is a sign that your self-esteem is high which will give you the necessary strength to face personal and image problems.

Dreaming Of Lion And Lioness

Lion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Turn your attention to your relationships. Dreaming of lion and lioness indicates possible conflicts. Remember that communication is the basis of everything, always be clear and choose your words well.

Dreaming About Tiger And Lion

Attention. Dreaming of a tiger and lion speaks of a probable legal dispute in which you are already involved or that you will enter on behalf of a family estate. Keep your dignity in the face of adversity.

Dreaming About A Sea Lion

Lion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

Dreaming of a sea lion is always good. This means that everything will follow your favor for a long time, so it will be easier to make the changes you feel you need to make. Let the flow take you, because one hour you will be where you always wanted to be.

Dream Of Caged Lion

Dreaming of a caged lion means that you have tamed your difficulties. But even so, the moment calls for calm and attention to the details of the situation so that they do not regain their strength and turn against you.

Dreaming of a lion trapped in a cage demonstrates that you will win the market. For those who are launching themselves for the first time as an entrepreneur, the moment is great for opening their own business.

Dreaming Of A Lion Watching You

Dreaming that a lion is watching you reveals that you must know the right time to face problems always with a lot of courage and without any trace of fear. The audacity will make you a winner. To dream that you are observed by a lion is a powerful warning for you to be more careful with your attitudes, mainly the ones you have towards bad companies. Someone is watching you, waiting for the right time to give the boat.


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