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In times of the Internet, when communication between two or more people happens in real time, the habit of writing letters has fallen out of favor. Today, only the nostalgic still insist on exchanging correspondence through the post office, which shows that we live in a time of immediacy and practicality. However, one cannot deny the importance of one of the oldest means of communication of all time.

Dream Letter

Letters have already meant a lot to man, bringing good or bad news, bringing friends and family closer, easing the longing caused by distance, facilitating the exchange of vows of love between lovers and, even today, symbolizing one of the most powerful means of communication. Although we have lost the habit of writing and sending letters, it is still common today to dream of letters, and this dream is full of symbolisms, such as: good (or bad) news, transformations, achievements, longings.

Even if you are not adept at writing letters, if you dreamed of one it is because it is the messenger of something that your unconscious wants to reveal to you. Let us now know what it means to dream of a letter

Letter arriving: news on the way

Because of its historical importance as a communication tool since the emergence of writing, the appearance of one or more letters in a dream symbolizes contact, news, messages, information, novelty.

Most of the time, dreaming about cards suggests news, travel, achievements and changes on the way. Rarely, in the dream, will you be able to read what is written in the letter. But if you do (and remember when you wake up), know that her message is advice or warning to be followed.

Dream You See A Letter

Dream of letter

Dreams with a letter indicate that you expect someone to help you make decisions about your life or need to solve outstanding problems. It indicates that you yearn for a transformation in your life. Whether you are writing, sending or receiving a letter, this dream is related to communication, expression, outburst. It shows that you have a deep need to be understood.

Another meaning of dreaming about letters is the arrival of news in the coming days. They may be from relatives or friends who are far away or around someone who has walked away from you. This person may not be distant physically, but emotionally. It also indicates that you miss someone or something that you have lived in the past. At the same time, it reveals that you don’t shy away from challenges. Check below the meaning of some very common dreams related to letters.

Dreaming You See A Letter

If you see a letter in your dream, it means that you are going through a moment of discomfort and anxiety, in which you crave news in the loving, family or professional field, but you do not know how to take the first step.

It is an almost always premonitory dream, revealing that the content of the letter sent or received can become a reality, be it positive or negative. It is also related to problems and situations in the family environment. If this letter is closed in the dream, it shows that you refuse to see any reality in your life.

Dream Writing A Letter

Writing A Letter

If you are writing a letter in your dream, it indicates that you need to start doing something you have planned for some time or even face a problem that you are running from.

dream who writes a letter
It is time to make decisions and prioritize what is really essential in your life. The advice is: put aside reason from time to time and listen more to your heart’s voice. It can also mean meeting up with people who were or are very important to you.

Dreaming That Sends A Letter

If you dreamed you were writing a letter, it means that you will meet people who have had a lot of influence in your life. It also suggests that you are dissatisfied with a relationship, but you don’t know how to talk about it. You feel stunted and stifled in your freedom of speech or realize that communication between you is no longer the same. Think about it and take action.

Dreaming That You Receive A Letter

To know what this means, it is necessary to analyze the context of the dream. If the letter arrived at the post office, you will go through difficult times, of worry and anxiety. It also represents a new opportunity or challenge that you will have to face.

If the letter is anonymous, it reveals that you need to reflect more on your life and relationships. If it remains closed, it means that you are afraid to make decisions. If you can read the content, the message from your subconscious will be present in the words of the letter. Often, it provides guidance on how to proceed with something that is making the dreamer uneasy.

Dreaming Of Many Letters

Many Letters

If you visualize several cards in your dream, it means that you are able to perform various tasks and missions that you have been entrusted with. Prepare to face and overcome new challenges. It is an optimistic message for you to believe more in your potential, as you will achieve great success in the performance of some work.

Dreaming Of A Letter With Good News

The message in the letters is always important to analyze the dream. So, if the letters bring good news, there are good omens for an event you expect. In general, it is a warning that something positive is coming. Be aware of the opportunities that life is bringing to you.

Dreaming About Bad News

Likewise, if in your dream you received a letter with worrying news, it is an alert for you to prepare to face any difficulties soon. You may encounter obstacles in some area of ​​your life, but chances are good that you will be successful. It also indicates that you need to control your impulses, as it can hurt someone you love.

Dreaming About Anonymous Letter

If you dreamed that you received an anonymous letter, it shows that you are concerned about a situation. The dream is an alert for you to reflect more on the relationships of your life, be it loving, friendly or professional. Try to protect yourself from being betrayed by someone close to you.

Dreaming That Tears A Letter

If in your dream you tore a letter, it suggests that you feel unprepared to face a problem. It also indicates your discomfort about a past mistake or injustice you have suffered.

The act of tearing up the letter, on the other hand, shows that you need to resolve this soon or else put a stone on the matter. It is not worth suffering for what you have been through. If you tore the letter without reading it, it means that you are prone to isolation.

Dreaming You Can’t Read A Letter

This dream illustrates his feeling of helplessness in the face of a problem he cannot solve alone. It can also indicate that you do not see things as they are, refuse to assume your responsibilities, whether they are in professional, family or love life. It also shows that you are delaying a decision for longer than is acceptable. It’s time to act.

Dreaming That You Receive An Open Letter

If you dreamed that you received a correspondence and it is already open, it shows that you are very afraid of exposing yourself to public opinion. Indicates that some desires or secrets may be revealed against your will. It can also mean that you will face some embarrassing situation soon.

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