Lemon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about lemon can have different meanings, good or bad, just like lemon, a fruit that divides opinions, mainly because of its sour taste – despite giving a delicious juice! The meaning of dreaming about lemon can be linked to positivity, with the way you see life and make it a very good thing, even in the midst of adversity.

The dream of the fruit can also be related to good times among your family and friends, as well as surprises at work. However, there is still the peculiarity of the lemon being quite sour, so your dreams can mean bad people around or things that are not what they seem to be. Stay tuned to the most diverse situations!

Dreaming You See A Lemon

Dreaming that you see a lemon can mean, in general, health and liveliness; it is a sign that you will have a vigorous life. In addition, it is important to clarify aspects of the lemon, such as color, whether it was sweet or sour etc., so that the interpretation is more accurate.

Dreaming About Green Lemon

Green Lemon


If the lemon that appeared in your dream was green, the indication is that if someone in your family is sick, it should improve quickly. The green lemon means health for you and your family.

Dream That Lemon Plant

Dreams about cultivation are usually linked to true friendships and success, whether professional or social, and it also indicates that you have an ability to deal with the most problematic situations in relationships. Thus, dreaming that a lemon plant bodes well and symbolizes fertility.

Dreaming That Reaps Lemon

Dreaming that you harvest lemon indicates a period of great luck. This period can be ideal for you to place bets, games, or even participate in sweepstakes.

Dreaming Of Sour Lemon

Dreaming about sour lemon is a sign that good news is on the way!
Some of these news are related to your health, which is in perfect condition. At this point, it is important, then, that you continue to take good care of your body and mind so that your health gets better and better.

If in the dream you feel the sour taste of the lemon, but you are eating something else, the dream indicates that your relationship needs to get out of the routine, otherwise it must become uninteresting. How about changing things up a bit and suggesting a few different tours, or even spice up the relationship?

Dreaming Of Sweet Lemon

Dreaming about sweet lemon is a warning! It is important that you start paying more attention to things, people and situations because they are often not what they appear to be.

Dreaming Of Rotten Lemon

Dreaming about rotten lemon means that there are rotten friendships around you! These fake friends tend to provoke fights and look for you just to enjoy something.

If someone appears in your dream, the warning is more direct, because it is this person who must cause problems. If no one appears in the dream, pay more attention to your friendships, the person who is rotten in the middle of all good things tends to leave a trail!

Dream That Squeezes Lemon

Squeeze Lemon

If in a dream you squeeze lemons, the warning is for you to avoid arguments with your partner; this is because, at this point, discussions tend to take on a much larger proportion than expected and cause hurt feelings. Also, avoid situations in which you are not comfortable: if you do not feel like leaving the house, for example, do not give in to make the other happy, this can be very bad for you.

Dreaming You Are Sucking Lemon

Dreaming that you are sucking on a lemon has a bad omen. The dream means that you must go through a turbulent period due to financial difficulties. So, at that moment, you have to be careful with the money, save when possible to reduce the problem to the maximum.

Dreaming About Lemon Tree

If in your dream you see a lemon tree, be happy! The meaning of the lemon tree, regardless of whether it has fruit or not, is new opportunities in life! You must be promoted on the job or faced with an unmissable opportunity that should change your life. Enjoy the moment.

Dreaming About Lemonade


Dreaming about lemonade has a good meaning! The dream says you must have a great time for social circles, where your popularity will be on the rise. This is the ideal time to make new contacts and, who knows, get new projects together.

Dreaming Of Yellow Lemon

Dreaming about yellow lemon means that good news should arrive soon! This dream has to do with that saying to take the lemons that life gives and make lemonade. Take the time to make life more enjoyable and fun with those you love. Right now, the people you care about most will be sharing the good time with you.

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