Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a kitten has its meaning more turned to a new life, a new beginning. Things that were left aside are now gaining a new meaning in your life and you think about picking up where you left off. Dreams with kitten suggest delicacy, simplicity, enchantment, and this is what you must have as a starting point to review carefully the things that were abandoned.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Kitten?

The meaning of dreaming about kitten indicates that your mind is opening up to other possibilities that you hadn’t thought of trying until then. In life, new and hope-filled paths emerge. How about, then, getting inspired by this feline’s symbology and discovering in you his sagacious and innovative side?

See here all about the most varied types of cat dreams.

So, what it means to dream about a kitten is that he is showing you that new doors can open in the sphere of life, expecting from you attitudes consistent with your will to evolve far above what you have seen until then. Pay attention to each interpretation of this dream and try to find the one that best fits your emotions.

Dreaming You See A Kitten

Dreaming that you see a kitten mean renewal in some important aspects of your life. These aspects can lead you to success and happiness. Things that have long been in your plans.

Dreams of this kind indicate prosperity in the professional field. Especially if you own a business, the possibility of good investments will increase.

Dreaming That You Will Hold A Kitten

Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming that you are holding a kitten means hostility from someone you value very much. Stay alert to the people of the seuconvívio, be it at work, in the circle of friends or inside your own house. Take it easy and soon you will know who you are dealing with.

Dreaming About Kitten Playing

Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming of kitten playing means that you are not very loved by some people around you. For now they have given you a truce in your attacks, but always stay alert because they may act again in a way to torment you. Stay away from intrigues and don’t listen to everything you say.

Dream That Caresses A Kitten

Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you caress a kitten means that you are a person faithful to your principles and your goals. You usually enhance your attention to your plans and ideas and this is very good, because you use, in a wise way, your cleverness to achieve your ideals.

Dreaming Of A Newborn Kitten

Dreaming of a newborn kitten means good surprises with news reaching you. An unexpected event will bring to your life a new spirit with potential to help you go through a very complicated phase. You will gain a strengthening in your convictions and continue with new and much more positive attitudes.

Dreaming About Many Kittens

Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

Dreaming of many kittens means weakness in their attitudes and insecurity in their decisions. Someone in your relationship is going through a health problem and you don’t know how to act. Stay calm, because dreaming about a litter of cats brings maturity and good predictions.

Dreaming That You Find A Kitten In The Street

Dreaming that you find a kitten on the street means, especially if that cat is yellow, that you are in conflict with a close person. Don’t allow hurt and resentment to populate your heart. This is a sign of weakness, and you are much better than these petty feelings with no future. Learn to deal with life’s adversities and keep your heart clean from these evils.

Dreaming Of Kitten Biting

Dreaming of a kitten biting means that you’ve been bothered by something that has long attracted your attention. People in your household are taking action behind your back and you still don’t realize that you could be harmed.

The jealous ones are at your side just waiting for you to make a move. Be smart and get out in front. Show yourself competent to solve some evil that has been left hanging and that you are giving them room to take you down.

Dream Of A White Cat Cub

Dreaming of a white kitten means peace in your heart. That difficult phase with your partner is dissipating and, your heart, smiling again. If you are married, it indicates that you and your partner are entering a phase conducive to sentimental balance, leading them to draw new plans together.

White cat is a harbinger of a happy future and prosperity. If you are not in love with anyone, at this moment, live with joy and seek happiness in everything that is important to you. Wait for good surprises.

Dream About Black Cat Kitten

Dreaming of a black kitten means, mainly, two things: luck in love, because happiness is smiling for you and good surprises are on the way; or financial difficulties, and you will need to review, with a certain urgency, all your expenses and try to contain yourself for some time. Save what you can. In the future, you may need those savings.

Dreaming Of A Gray Kitten

Kitten – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

Dreaming of a gray kitten means that someone is lacking the confidence you have placed in him with great appreciation. Be smart, open your eyes and analyze the attitudes of your friends. One of them could be the traitor. Dreams with a gray, black and even white cat have this characteristic, because they own a meek behavior, peaceful enough for you to trust in their company.

But before you take an attitude, see if this analysis fits with the moment you are currently living.

Dreaming About A Dead Kitten

Dreaming about a dead kitten means that you won the battle over those people who wanted to take you down. However, don’t relax your vigilance. Be better than you have been so far professionally. Being in a comfort zone doesn’t mean being immune to any counterattack.

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