Kiss On The Lips – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Kiss On The Lips

“The most beautiful dreams I dreamed. A thousand chimeras, I built a castle ”, said the song in Elis Regina’s voice. And the dream is this mystery that makes us wake up with the sensation of having experienced something real. Even more, if it is a romantic dream with affection and kisses. But what would be the meaning of dreaming about kissing on the lips? It will depend on the interpretation made of that dream, the situation experienced in it and the entire context in which it happens.

Dream About Kiss On The Lips

In the popular view, dreams come loaded with premonitions and warnings, and are often interpreted in a mystical prism. In Psychoanalysis, dreams are a rich tool for the knowledge of what happens inside the patient, leading to a greater knowledge of himself.

For Sigmund Freud, dreams about kissing represent our “vital force”. According to him, the dream of kissing is related to our hidden desires. It would be like a wake-up call to life. After all, do you want a better indication of being alive than a long and passionate kiss?

Whatever the interpretation, the kiss dream is unlikely to have a negative charge as it usually has to do with affection, romanticism and exchange. Let us now interpret the meaning of some dreams with kiss on the lips.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Kissing On The Lips?

To understand the meaning of dreaming about kissing on the lips, it is necessary to analyze the entire context in which it happens. Environment, moment, person kissed, reaction of the person who kissed or was kissed, among other details. The relationship between that dream and the love situation in which the dreamer finds himself must also be assessed.

Dreaming That You See Two People Kissing On The Mouth

See Two People Kissing On The Mouth

One of the main meanings of the dream about kissing on the lips is the feeling of support, welcome and protection. If you have dreamed of kissing on the lips, most of the time it is because you feel secure in any area of ​​your life: professional, loving, financial or family. In general, dreaming about kiss brings good omens, from positive moments in the near future.

Dreaming That You See Two People Kissing On The Mouth

If, in the dream, you see two people kissing, it indicates that you have a certain fear about your love situation. It is a sign that you need to assess your relationship, looking for the reasons for your concern and the ways forward to resolve this impasse.

You can feel lonely for not having a person by your side or even feel the famous loneliness for two, in which you live with someone who does not give you the expected attention.

Dreaming That Kisses On Someone’s Mouth

In general, dreaming that you are kissing someone indicates a phase of tranquility in your life, with happy moments and success in all areas, be it love, family or work. It shows that you are open to new opportunities and confident to carry out future projects.

Dreaming About Passionate Kiss On The Mouth

Passionate Kiss On The Mouth

If, in your dream, you kiss someone with passion and ardor, this is an indication that you are going through a great phase in life, whether in loving, family or professional terrain. It is not necessarily a dream associated with romantic relationships, but with relationships in general. If you know the person you kissed, you will benefit from them.

Dreaming About Kiss On Friend’s Mouth

Perhaps you wake up frightened by a dream in which you kiss a friend. Don’t worry, as this does not mean that there is any relationship with real life, it does not necessarily suggest that there is anything more between you. The biggest meaning of this dream is that you feel safe and at ease with that person. And that there is great trust between you.

Dreaming About Kissing On The Lips Of Strangers

First, analyze the feeling that this dream caused you: did you feel good, attracted to the person or scared? If the feeling was good, it indicates that you feel the need to know yourself. If the person you kissed sounds familiar, it is likely that you are arousing feelings for someone you don’t even admit to yourself.

According to psychiatrist Gustav Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology, if in a dream a woman kisses an unknown man, it indicates that she is looking for her male part, the Animus. If the dreamer is a man and kisses a stranger, it suggests that he seeks to find his most sensitive part.

Dreaming About Kiss On The Mouth Forcibly

If, in the dream, someone steals a kiss from you, it means that you will suffer some setbacks and unforeseen events that will leave you without action. It is possible that you are the victim of some intrigue or betrayal. Watch out for people around you who are not worthy of your trust. The dream of forced kissing also suggests that you are afraid to expose your real personality.

Dreaming About Indifferent Mouth Kiss

If, in your dream, kissing does not provoke any emotion, it means that you are a little discouraged with the direction your life is taking. It denotes a feeling of accommodation in the face of some situation that you are not able to deal with.

It also indicates a feeling of inner emptiness and passivity. It’s time to uncross your arms and look for new motivations, get out of the shell and try to relate more with other people.

Dreaming About Kiss On Boyfriend’s Mouth

At first glance, this dream may indicate pleasant emotions, good feelings towards that person or just a memory of recent situations.

However, in addition to the association with the loving moment that you live, this dream brings the meaning of good opportunities soon: prosperity and success in some enterprise. It can also indicate the solution of some financial problems.

Relative Dreaming About Kiss On The Mouth

According to the interpretations, the dream with a relative, as well as kissing a child, indicates that you are living or are going to live a phase of great prosperity. It is time to leave behind what happened, focus on the future and invest in something new. It is time to make decisions and turn your life around .

Dreaming Of Kissing Someone Of The Same Sex

Kissing Someone Of The Same Sex

The main meaning of this dream is that you are living a full phase, in which you feel secure in your own personality and your choices. It indicates that you are prepared to face new challenges and are not afraid to dare.

If the person you kiss is known, but the dream does not bring emotion, it is a sign that you will receive a benefit from him. If, on the contrary, the kiss is affectionate, it indicates that this person needs your help. If you don’t know the person, the dream has the same meaning as kissing a stranger, that is, it indicates a need to be self-knowing.

Dreaming About Kissing On The Lips Of People Of The Same Sex

Like the previous dream, this dream does not necessarily refer to loving desires, but it does indicate a predisposition to accept the new and change in your life.

It suggests that you are open and know yourself. If you know people who kiss in the dream, it may mean that you admire the bond that exists between them.

Dreaming About Kiss On The Lips Of A Lover

This dream does not mean that you have or intend to have a lover. But it is a message from the unconscious that you are unsure about your partner.

It is likely that you are dissatisfied with your current relationship and it may be time to rethink the relationship. If you are single, it is an indication that you miss someone in your life.

Dreaming Of Kissing A Single Mouth

This dream indicates that you feel confident of who you are and what you want. He has no problems with his current decisions and feels free to relate lovingly to someone. If in the dream the single person is a friend, it indicates that you trust him completely. If the single person is someone you don’t know, the main meaning is that you are open to meeting new people.

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