Jewelry – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of jewelry means a good omen. These objects are used as adornments, so they are usually symbols of beauty, but also of power and wealth, given their value. This is so true that the jewels used to indicate how much power a pharaoh possessed, being a true symbol of status, raising them even to the rank of deities.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Jewelry?

Dreams of jewelry, therefore, have this connection with what they represent in the popular imagination. Thus, the meaning of dreaming of jewelry is linked to self-esteem and how good it can be for you to try to raise it a little higher.

However, every dream has variations. The jewels seen in your dream can be silver or gold and each of them can have a different meaning. Because of this, these variations in dreams can have different interpretations. This way, it may be interesting that you know a little more about each one to finally better understand what it means to dream of jewelry.

Dream You See Jewelry

Dreaming that you are seeing jewelry can mean that there is a value in yourself, or in other people, that you deeply admire, just as if you admire a beautiful jewel. It can be a message for you to try to mirror a little more in this value and try to be guided by something positive in your life. The dream is also symbolizing riches and pleasures, in addition to meaning that you have a very strong spiritual protection, capable of warding off avarice.

Dream You Buy Jewelry

Buy Jewelry

Dreaming youre buying jewelry means a love from your past may be back soon. This fact can cause you some confusion, as it has a certain potential to mess with your emotions. It is very worthwhile to rethink if everything is worth it. Think about the positives and negatives that this return can mean, but without clinging too much to the past. New chances can do well, but only if you believe it can bring something good.

Dreaming You Win Jewelry

Winning jewelry in a dream is an indication that this can be a good time to perform activities. Therefore, those personal or professional projects that you have been saving for a while can be put into practice now. This is no guarantee of success, but this dream indicates that you are in the necessary disposition to make everything move forward. This is already something very positive and so it is interesting that you take an initiative now. Focus on the goal of everything and move on, always believing in your ability.

Dream That Inherits Jewels

Dreaming that you have inherited jewelry may mean that riches will come to you soon. Whether it’s something financial or emotional, inheriting a jewel is an indication that life is giving you, and the least to do to give back is to enjoy the moment with a lot of wisdom. Give a lot of value to what you receive, as it will be something that can bring you many joys. It’s a window of opportunity and you can’t miss it, so the dream comes as a way to alert you.

Dream You Lose A Jewel

Losing a jewel can actually be something worrying, after all it is an object of great value, and losing something like this does not bring good feelings. However, this dream does not follow this line, but it is actually a good omen. Dreaming that you have lost a jewel is a sign that a great passion may be to come. Thus, a great love may be coming into your life, bringing you an intense relationship with many positive feelings. If you are already in a relationship, it can mean that good feelings will be renewed and that you will go through moments of great happiness. So open your heart to love.

Dreaming Of Golden Jewelry

Golden Jewelry

Dreaming of golden jewelry is an indication that you may go through situations that will bring you annoyances and annoyances, but that you will need to deal with it in the best way. Raise your head and find the strength to face a fight to overcome all this. Often we are faced with situations where we can’t do much, but it’s important to work to do as much as you can, what counts is to find out how far you can get.

Dreaming Of Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Already dreaming of silver jewelry brings a meaning that you should stop worrying about things that didn’t even happen. In life, it is very important to know how to deal with anxiety, and suffering in advance is something that hinders a lot. We never know tomorrow, and as difficult as a situation may seem, as long as there are chances to change it, it is worth trying. Remember that it is just yourself who builds your future.

Dream Of Broken Jewelry

This dream usually means that you are about to encounter some problems to achieve your goals. When something so precious appears broken, it symbolizes that what you want so much is further away. However, everything is fixed. Try to understand what is going wrong and try to correct your path. Bad times will always pass and whether this will be soon or not is just up to you.

Dreaming Of Many Jewelry

If the jewel itself is a symbol of wealth, then many jewels should be a sign of even greater wealth, correct? Unfortunately, this is not the interpretation given to this dream. Wanting to fill yourself with jewelry can convey the image that you are wanting to adorn yourself too much, because you are a person with little to show.

Thus, this dream may indicate that there is a feeling of something empty in yourself. It may just be a perception of yourself, so that doesn’t mean it’s real, so it might be important that you try to see yourself in a closer way to what you actually represent. Always seek self-improvement, for the sake of yourself and your image.

Dreaming You Find Jewelry

Dreaming you find jewelry can mean you’ll have a quick scale to success. Finding this symbol of wealth so suddenly is a real sign of luck, but know that success does not come from luck, but from hard and efficient work.

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