Jail – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of jail means something related to the sense of being trapped. Thus, it is common to interpret that there is a feeling of being suffocated or oppressed after having dreams of jail.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Jail?

Many situations in your life are leading you to this, and it is important that you look for ways to deal with this issue. Therefore, the meaning of dreaming of jail is related to an alert that your subconscious is trying to pass so that you try to free yourself from the bonds that trap you and prevent you from enjoying life.

However, despite this general sense, it should be noted that dreams usually present many variations that may represent different interpretations to be given. Therefore, to better understand what it means to dream of jail, it may be interesting to know more about the different possibilities that your dreams can offer.

Dream You See A Chain

See A Chain

In general, dreaming that you are seeing a chain is linked to the feeling of imprisonment. There is something bothering you in some aspect of your life, like your work environment, your relationship or how you have been feeling in your life. Therefore, you have been affected by this, and here comes the feeling of suffocation, in which you find yourself with no way out.

In addition, the dream may be linked to the feeling of guilt and self-punishment. So you understand that you have been making some mistakes and think you should pay for it. Look for a way to repair the damage caused so that you can move on, without getting too attached to the mistakes of the past, and only then will you find yourself free from this arrest.

Dreaming You Are In The Chain

Being in jail in a dream can be tied to the feeling of loving without being reciprocated. Therefore, you feel a little stuck in this reality, considering that there is a real impact on your life. In addition, it can mean that you have been heavily charged, especially by yourself. This type of situation can be a little stifling, because it is very difficult to demonstrate evolution when we are the target of constant criticism. Therefore, try to move away from this kind of situation and manage the criticisms you make of yourself.

Dreaming Of Family In The Chain

If someone in your family is in jail, it could mean something about the relationship between you. It is possible that you have some hurt with the person and this is affecting their feelings. Therefore, it is important that you understand the meaning of this dream, because it is a warning for you to overcome this situation, because it will only generate more discomfort.

On the other hand, you may be feeling suffocated by that person, without the proper freedom to behave in the way you think is right. This way, it may be interesting that you try to solve these problems by talking to her, always with the necessary maturity and calm. This is how we should treat others, because we would certainly like to be treated respectfully, especially within our family.

Dreaming Of Friend In The Chain

Dreaming of a friend in prison can mean that whoever is in jail has great importance in his life. The meaning may seem a little distant from what the dream may show, but it is an indication that that person is willing to do everything for you.

This companionship is important, as it may also be a sign that you will need it soon. The bad phases will always pass, and having friends who help in these moments is always something quite positive in our life, so be grateful to all of them.

Dreaming Of Unknown In The Chain

Dreaming of a stranger in prison may indicate that you are afraid of being like him. This mark of impersonality gives us room to put ourselves in that person’s shoes, and that is precisely the principle that this dream carries.

You have been facing a great difficulty in expressing yourself, and this is making you more and more stuck. Thus, their fears are becoming more and more real. Because of this, it is important that you look for a way to feel better about yourself. Only then will you be able to overcome this difficulty and be able to leave behind this fear of losing freedom.

Dreaming Of Husband In The Chain

Husband In The Chain

Dreaming of her husband in prison is something that concerns a lot about the way their relationship is being conducted. This dream can mean that you have been feeling overwhelmed, no matter how much you are not realizing it.

His behavior is slowing you down within the relationship, even causing you to lose some of your personality. So try to impose yourself a little more so that you don’t lose your voice. Relationships only work when the two feel free inside it, otherwise it is better to get rid of the relationship.

Dreaming That You Will Visit Someone In The Chain

Visiting someone in jail in a dream can indicate a certain submission to someone who is causing you harm, no matter how aware of it. As much as the person does, you are always willing to accept them back and forgive them.

In your case, it may not be the companion, but anyone who has been causing you harm. You have a spirit of kindness, but you cannot allow you to be treated that way. Therefore, it is up to you to impose limits to what you accept and not let yourself be made of cat and shoe by anyone.

Dreaming That Someone Leaves The Chain

Seeing someone get out of prison in the dream can mean that you are fearing the return of someone who has already done you some harm. It is normal to have insecurity and even mistrust with that person’s attitudes, but it is important to think that jail is a place where people go to pay for being mistakes, and this may have happened.

So be prepared to welcome back, but be careful not to be caught by surprise, not everyone learns from your flaws and it is not you who should pay for it again.

Dreaming That Flees From The Chain

Flees From The Chain

You feel that there is something suffocating you, but there is a lot of inner energy compelling you to act. Therefore, dreaming that you escape from prison indicates your desire to get rid of something that is bothering you. So it’s the right time to act and ward off what’s causing you trouble. Often we do not have the strength to take action, so when we are willing, we must take advantage of the moment.

Dreaming Of A Full Chain

If dreaming of a chain already indicates a feeling of suffocation, imagine a crowded chain. Therefore, this dream expresses an even greater urgency to find oneself in a more comfortable situation. This may mean that you have been facing danger and need to be more attentive from now on.

Dreaming Of Empty Chain

On the other hand, coming across an empty string can be a symbol that you are facing problems, but that you are feeling a little isolated with them. So this is a moment of reflection, especially to review who you should trust or not.

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