Horse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Horse - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a horse means companionship and friendship, because it is an animal that likes to share with humans various activities that come from long ago. It is a symbol of health and strength.

The horse is a friendly and docile animal that represents strength, courage, companionship and victory. Let’s understand what it means to dream about a horse? Horses have always been present in society because, for the ancients, it was the main means of transportation.

It is also admired by collectors, in addition to belonging to sports such as horse riding and horse racing itself. The horse is a special animal, with history in the Holy Bible, being mentioned in passages of Revelation. It is an animal that represents many senses.

The meaning of dreaming about a horse is very much related to how the animal is presented in the dream and the sensation one has when dreaming about this kind of animal. Horse dreaming is usually related to discoveries, sensations of peace, solutions to problems, releases and the completion of difficult processes that life has.

What does it mean to dream about the white horse?

What is a wild horse dream?

What is dreaming of a brown horse?

Dreaming Of A White Horse

Horse - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of a white horse is connected to a response or need in which your unconscious is asking you to come to consciousness. This need is usually related to peace. It may be that you are going through turbulent moments, but this dream reveals that they are coming to an end and that soon you can finally rest.

Dreaming That You Ride A Horse

Horse - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The dream in motion represents the arrival at a certain place and the solution of several issues that were not resolved. To dream that you ride a horse, besides representing movement, brings the essential figure of this animal, which represents good feelings.

In this case, it shows that besides being able to solve several problems at the same time, you will also gain as a bonus a virtuosity, an extra strength that will provide you to continue even stronger than before in your walk and projection of life.

Dream That You Fall Off A Horse

Dreaming that you fall off a horse indicates that, although you are very good at what you do, you don’t really have to worry so much about wanting to carry the world on your back. It is necessary to understand that each one has his role and that you must learn to trust people, especially those closest to you. Everyone has the ability to walk alone for a moment and to solve their own problems. Try to relax a little and let everything around you walk with little more independence, be confident.

Dream Of Brown Horse

Dreaming of a brown horse is a sign that new discoveries are to come. The brown color indicates the path by representing the land itself, and beyond, it represents the feet on the ground. This means that your ideas are centered and, your goals, launched. Now it is just to continue walking in the right direction to achieve what you have longed for so long.

Dreaming Of Black Horse

The black color is quite mystical and mysterious. It represents the night and what is still hidden. Dreaming of a black horse is something very strong, joining the strength and companionship of the horse with the darkness and mystery of black. This kind of dream is related to trust or faith itself. To reach the next level, this is the moment to dive deep with the hope that everything is under control. Go ahead!

Dreaming Of A Wild Horse

Horse - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If in the dream the horse is angry, it is a sign that you are being alerted about a dangerous or uncomfortable situation that you have not yet identified. It can be at work or in your relationships.

The angry horse is nothing more than a warning for you to pay attention and rethink your attitudes and how you are relating lately. Try to find the essence that your intuition tells you to make the right decision and follow the best path: your path.

Dreaming About Running A Horse

The movements in dreams always represent change and transformation. It is mainly related to the solution of things that are coiled. In this dream specifically, the movement includes running, which represents all these perceptions in double.

Both by the strength of the horse, which aims to arrive when it occurs, but mainly when it is being guided or conditioned to a race by those who know how to ride. In this sense, the dream may be revealing that only you have control over your decisions. It is the moment to take the reins, no matter what happens around. Keep going!

Dreaming Of A Horse Running Behind Me

Dreaming that a horse is running after you represents that great news is coming your way. With all possible speed this news comes quickly to arrive at the right time, which, in fact, is when you will most need to know. So be happy! Maybe in the next few days you will be surprised by something very good that you didn’t even expect.

Dreaming Of A Gentle Horse

Horse - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

The horse, by nature, is almost always more at peace than agitated or angry. From this point of view, if you dream of a tame horse, it indicates that first you are more connected to your natural state than ever.

This connection so important that, sometimes, it goes unnoticed in the rush of everyday life, is aflame in you. Take the opportunity to make good reflections, to filter the best thoughts and feelings. This planting of virtues will take you to much higher levels. Enjoy this gift of good energy!

Dream Of A Red Horse

Dreaming of a red horse represents more than passion, this dream reveals much love involved. Both by the stamina the horse brings with the strength of its figure and by the red, which is the color of passion and love. Besides, of course, being related to fire. If in the dream the red horse resembles fire, it is still connected to spiritual issues. At all points, it is a highly positive dream with a lot of power.

Dreaming About An Injured Horse

Dreaming of an injured horse shows that it is time to take more care of your own health, not only physical, but psychological and spiritual. Since the horse, even being a strong animal, when injured, is altered in all physiological and psychological systems. Besides not yielding as much as it could with its strength and vitality. Try to take a little more care of your health, do some tests. Really health is the basis of everything. Take care of yourself!

Dreaming Of A Horse Biting

It may seem like a rather strange dream as well as painful. If in the dream the horse is biting you, it shows that an anger you had must pass. If you have some feeling of anger towards someone or some situation, take advantage, because the energies are open for you to release forgiveness. Releasing this anger and turning it into space, because only then the channel will be open so that another good feeling can fill it. Enjoy it!

Dreaming Of Dead Horse

Dreaming of a dead horse indicates the end of a cycle. But mainly it reveals the beginning of a new cycle that will be made totally of peace and love. Now in this new phase you will be able to go on without carrying the luggage so heavy that you have been bringing with you. It is a new time, but lighter and more pleasant from now on.

Dreaming Of Many Horses

Horse - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 7

Dreaming of many horses represents great joys. Many horses represent many good feelings, this can be related to several sectors of your life, such as work, relationship, family, dreams, projects, loves and even the achievement of goals that you consider impossible until then. Believe in the moment of victory that is to come.

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