Heights – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of height means a sign of interesting events and adventures that you will be able to experience soon. But in some cases, dreams of height can symbolize obstacles and challenges they may encounter in the near future. Higher heights symbolize greater obstacles to be faced on the way to achieving your goals.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Heights?

Thus, the meaning of dreaming with height indicates issues related to career and work. Therefore, after a dream about heights, you may have business-related problems. Often dreams of height reveal their desire to achieve great success in some field or with something they consider very important.

So if you dreamed you were at a significant height, or even in a very high place, that dream is usually a sign of respect, power and strength you possess. But if he dreamed of low heights, this dream commonly symbolizes his weakness and the feeling of insignificance.

In some cases, what it means to dream of height can reveal that you feel threatened by someone or something in your life. You may feel that you are taking too many risks to achieve some goal and wonder if it is worth it. You may also be afraid of losing something you already own, trying to accomplish something else.

However, to determine the meaning of a dream about height, it is important to define whether the dreamer is afraid of heights or not. If you feel uncomfortable with this, then the dream of heights for that person will usually represent something he or she is afraid of or considers to be out of his reach.

For people who are not afraid of heights, this dream usually indicates overcoming obstacles and having confidence in their abilities to accomplish goals and desires.

Dreaming You Are In A High Place

Dreaming Of Heights

If you dreamed you were in a high place, that dream usually indicates good things. In this way, the dream is usually a sign of great accomplishments, reaching personal milestones, being in the place you want to be in life, satisfied with what you have achieved so far, feeling successful and abundant, sometimes getting overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction, feeling overly successful and fulfilled.

In some cases, this dream may indicate being successful in overcoming a major obstacle and feeling happy about it. Other times, this dream reveals that you consider yourself better than others. In other cases, this dream may indicate the need to observe some people who may cause problems and shame.

Dreaming That Falls From A High Place

If you dreamed you fell from a high place, it may not be a good sign, because it usually announces problems soon. It can also be an omen that you or some family member will soon become ill.

Sometimes this dream warns of a failure in the near future. It can also mean your insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Maybe this indicates that the things in your life are messy and you don’t know how to change this situation.

Dreaming You Are Afraid Of Height

If you dreamed you were afraid of heights, this dream could indicate the claim to achieve some goals, although you know that they are beyond your reach. This dream usually confirms his inability to perform some functions. Sometimes a dream of fear of heights represents some circumstances or events that will help you improve your life.

If you dreamed that someone was afraid of heights, this dream is a bad sign and usually symbolizes that the person you dreamed of has some personal problems that you know. This person probably needs your help to overcome them and you should offer them.

Dreaming Of Another Person Falling From A High Place

If you dreamed of someone falling from a high place, that dream could be a good sign. It may indicate to be successful in overcoming some current obstacles. This dream can also represent problems that you may face soon, such as illness of some family member or yours.

A dream of falling can also be a sign of failure of current projects and ventures. This can also symbolize that you have no confidence in how to deal with a situation in life and your inability to deal with something.

Dreaming That Goes Wrong Because Of Height

If in a dream in heights you have nausea and nausea, it means that you are not well prepared to solve the problem that will be your responsibility. Therefore, it would be interesting to wait for the exact time before throwing yourself into the intended projects or situations. It would also be crucial to get the help and support of people more experienced in the subject. However, dreams of this type have varied interpretations.

Starting with the insecurity of facing the difficulties that are about to happen, it is necessary to move away from new challenges and some situations that may generate some degree of complexity. But if you dreamed of high places and felt vertigo, the dream can demonstrate that you are struggling and trying very hard to overcome all the obstacles that put you away from your goals. Seen this, keep working so you can reach them.

Dream Working At Height

Working At Height

Dreaming of work on high symbolizes the importance of talking about problems with people who actually support and love you. Locking feelings inside the heart can be very harmful, you will often feel suffocated, so look for a friend to vent, helping to open wide all the locked feeling.

The dream also represents coping with problems kept secret from relatives and friends. However, this act can bring much harm to the dreamer, and it is recommended to ask for help.

Dream That Jumps Out Of A High Place

Jumps Out Of A High Place

Dreams of jumping from a high place represent your dissatisfaction with what you have achieved so far. Because the dreamer every time wants more than he owns, looking for the best opportunities, always putting the best in everything he performs. This is an aptitude of brave and successful individuals. However, gravity is a strange thing, and experiencing traction after jumping from a high place means possible difficulties that you will overcome in the future.

But seeing other people jumping from above in a dream represents progression and record achievements going forward. Therefore, jumping as a dream symbol is linked to freedom and adventure. However, you may be worried about losing something close and dear to you. However, it really depends on the time you are jumping. Seeing yourself as a third person jumping suggests that an inner secret is likely to be revealed.

Dreaming That It Falls From A High Place In The Water

Dreams of falling into the water from a high place attract our attention to the emotional state of the mind. Thus, there may be a loss of control or an involuntary fall into a part of oneself that makes you apprehensive.

In the event of falling into the water, whether it may be a lake, river or pool, this also indicates that you want to show your overwhelming phase, where you want to throw in the towel even before fighting for what you want. Still, if the crash site is a bridge, this may symbolize that you are going through a period of exhaustion and stress and need to rest.


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