Hand – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a hand means that you’re subconscious is wanting to give you something about your relationships and what is surrounding you, especially your professional life.

Dream Of Hand

Hands are usually a form of communication, whether with gestures, symbols or even in the language of pounds, and this is what directly reflects what it means to dream of a hand, and there may be a message of authority, protection, among other things.

In addition, dreams with hand may depend on which hand appears. If you are the left, everything can be more focused on your more feminine side, especially your grace.

If the right is the hand that appears in your dream, there is an indication of your masculine side, but it can also deal with correct decisions. There are many possibilities for this dream and much depends on the dreamed context. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate how the appearance occurs in your dream so that you can interpret more precisely the meaning of dreaming by hand.

Dreaming Of Your Own Hand

If the dream hand is your own, it is a sign that you should feel grateful. That’s because we use our hands for everything and rarely do we even realize that they exist and are of great importance. When this happens, it is possible to notice how they influence our life. We often act this way with many people or things around us. Therefore, it is important to be grateful for everything that is part of our life and helps us to be a better person.

Dreaming Of Other Peoples Hands

It is important to consider that dreaming of someone else’s hand can be something quite intimate. It may be linked to the concept of “giving a hand”, and it can be a message about opening up to another person, letting them give love and help costs nothing and you may be in need of more than you think.

Dreaming Of Dirty Hands

In popular language, having dirty hands means you did something wrong. This same expression fits into the interpretation of this dream. The dirt of the hand represents a certain falsehood. If you are shaking a dirty hand, it means that there are friends around you who are fake too. You may not have noticed yet, but your subconscious has already managed to see this and is trying to alert you right now. Pay close attention to the people around you, try not to trust anyone.

Dream That Wash Your Hands

The expression “I wash my hands” is also relevant to the interpretation of this dream. Hands are often widely used figures of speech, as they represent the actions we usually take. In this case, the interpretation reflects on unfinished subjects that you have and that should be closed soon.

However, you are trying your best to solve this, but external factors may be playing against it. That’s why there’s the spirit of washing your hands for these problems. You know you’re doing your best, but the result is not coming. This may be a good time, though, for you to change your approach. This way, you can get closer to solving your problem.

Dreaming Of Small Hands

Small Hands

If very small hands appear in your dream, this may be an indication of infidelity close to you. Therefore, you should be very careful, not only with your loving companion, but friends you trust and even coworkers. Don’t be surprised by a betrayal. Get ready for this moment, but without losing your posture.

Dreaming Of Big Hands

On the other hand, big hands can represent something quite positive. They can be tied to very good things that may be in their future. You are a person who has set certain goals, whether they are very ambitious or not, and in the next few you will be able to see success in achieving these goals. It can also be an indication of financial success, especially if this is within your goals.

Dreaming Of Blooded Hands

Here the expression is similar to that of dirty hands. However, in this case, the hands are stained with blood. Having hands dirty with blood portrays a feeling of guilt, as the expression reports. You are blaming yourself a lot for some flaw or bad attitude. This has been causing you a lot of pain, because regret and guilt are feelings that usually affect people a lot. Because of this, you are looking for a way to alleviate this pain. Try to apologize, or even try to make up for what has already happened in some way. Try to do good to someone.

Dreaming That Gives Hands To Someone

Hand in hand is one of the strongest images. They have a meaning that especially portrays unity and that’s what this dream is all about. There is a desire of yours to somehow join the person of the dream, whether professionally, by friendship or even in a loving way. The main point is that you care about it and want to protect it because you are afraid of losing it.

Dream That Tightens Someones Hand

Once again it comes to union, we shake hands when greeting people, or when closing a deal, for example. In this case, if you are shaking hands with someone very poor, it may be an indication that you are a generous person, with great honor.

Dreaming Of Closed Cuff

Closed Cuff

Keeping your fists clenched is indicative of anger or struggle. It could mean that you are keeping your mind to closed, even refusing help. On the other hand, it may indicate that you have ambitions and are willing to fight for them. It is up to you to reflect what else fits in at this moment and reflect on how it is interfering in your life, positively or negatively.

Dreaming Of Asper Hands

Hand roughness can be a reflection of how rough you yourself are being with others. Rethink the way you are treating everyone and try to add a little more delicacy to your day.

Dreaming Of Hands Say Goodbye

Dreaming that hands are saying goodbye can mean exactly what happens in the dream. That is, it may be an indication that you are close to dealing with a separation, and this is worrying you. However, there is no reason for so much concern, because everything indicates that this separation will be for a short time and that everything will return to order soon.

Dreaming Of Hairy hands

Hairy hands

Dreaming of hairy hands usually has the same meaning as dreaming of rough hands. However, there is another interpretation that speaks that a home change is near, so prepare for anything that may happen in your home.

Dream Of Broken Hands

Hands usually represent the instruments for our actions. When they are broken, it is an indication that we find ourselves unable to act. Because of this, the dream is related to a certain attack on your ego. Try to find the strength to change this situation.

Dreaming Of Habitable Hands

Skillful hands are a great symbol of their competence. You are seeing that you are making good attitudes and decisions and you are deserving credit for it.

Dreaming Of Three Hands

When we find ourselves very worried, we have a certain difficulty in acting. The trembling hand represents this difficulty, as it is associated with your everyday concerns. But these concerns usually pass briefly.

Dream Of Deformed Hands

If you are missing fingers in your hand, this could be an announcement that you are about to receive extra money. If the hand is more deformed or with more fingers, it may mean that a marriage is near in your family.


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