Greek Eye – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

What Is Greek Eye

The Greek eye is known as the symbol of luck and is used against negative energies.

The Greek eye is a talisman against evil eye and envy. It is believed that this object protects the person from any negative energy and still brings luck.

The Greek eye also symbolizes health, cleanliness, protection, light, and peace. Furthermore, the Greek eye symbolizes the divine gaze that grants protection to someone against evil.

The Greek eye is an amulet used by people from all over the world regardless of creed.

What The Greek Eye Looks Like

The object, Greek eye, is similar to a human eye. It is made of glass with the colors light blue, dark blue and white.

The blue color is used in the Greek eye to serve as an energy filter.
If the person who uses this talisman receives a very strong charge of negative energies, the object attracts these vibrations to itself in order to protect it and then breaks.

When the Greek eye breaks, it must be thrown into running water and replaced by another.

Greek Eye Pendant

Greek Eye – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

The Greek eye is an amulet widely used as pendants on chains and bracelets. It is common to see the Greek eye also on tattoos.

The jewelry market, with the popularization of the Greek eye, started to invest also in bijouterie and other pieces that carry the symbol.

The Greek eye is also seen on decoration articles. Some people use it to put inside cars, on doors of houses, on key rings and any other place they wish to receive protection.

Where To Find The Greek Eye As A Symbol

In many cultures, religions and countries one can find the Greek eye, for example:

In Catholicism – it serves as a symbol of God’s gaze that transmits peace and protects people.
In Buddhism – where the amulet is called the “third eye of the Buddha”. It is located between the Buddha’s eyebrows to symbolize that he has superior intelligence and has a broader vision.
In Masonry – the Greek eye represents the “Great Architect of the Universe”.
In ancient Egypt – there existed the “eye that sees everything”, called the eye of Horus.
In Turkey – in this country the Greek eye is known as Nazar Bancugu or Turkish eye. There, the object is used until today as an amulet against the evil eye.
Turkish mothers had the habit of putting the symbol of the Greek eye on their babies, in order to protect them from the evil eye.

The Greek eye is also widely used in Islamic rituals. It is found in all Arab countries, Iran, Armenia and Greece.

Greek Eye History

One of the legends about the appearance of the Greek eye says that there was a huge rock in the sea that not even a hundred men could move it. In that place resided a man well known for his “fat eye”.

Therefore, some people called him to try to destroy the rock with his powerful “fat eye” look. And suddenly, when he saw it, a big bang happened and the rock immediately broke into two pieces.

Greek Eye Other Colors

The most common color to find the Greek eye is blue, however there are other colors and each one with different meaning.

Greek yellow eye – more health, strength and healing for the body’s ills.
White Greek eye – symbol of peace, purity, light and goodness. It is used to convert negative and positive energies.
Green Greek Eye – is represented as hope and help in the development of the person.
The red Greek eye represents determination, strength and other concepts related to passion and desire. It also serves against the evil eye.

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