Giraffe – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of giraffe means something linked to perception. You can easily notice this, given the height of this animal, but this is even more evident when you realize that your head is well above the base of the body. In this way, she is able to have a view above what any other terrestrial animal would normally have.

Giraffe dreams, therefore, refer to this particular point, showing that you seem to have a privileged view of certain aspects of your life. However, it is important that you do not see yourself as superior to others, humility is important and fits at every equal time.

Because of this, sometimes the meaning of dreaming of spinning can be associated with arrogance, it is up to you, therefore, not to get carried away by it. Try to see life in a simpler way and thus you will be able to be more successful in your goals, so it is important that you seek to have the same perspective as the giraffe.

However, one cannot take this interpretation as the only and true one, because the animal can appear in different ways and take different actions, such as running or eating. Each differentiated action can represent a new context, and this implies a slightly different interpretation from the universal one, no matter how much it serves as a guide in general. This way, it may be interesting that you know a little more about some of these different contexts so that you can interpret more accurately what it means to dream of giraffe.

Dream You See A Giraffe

Seeing a giraffe in a dream can be an indication that you need to look at things from another angle. The giraffe has a huge neck to reach the highest leaves of trees, which no other large animal is able to reach. This allows you to have things within your reach that few others have.

But beyond that, she is able to see from above and see danger and opportunity from afar. This is what you need to keep in mind after this dream. It’s time to find solutions to the problems that have plagued you for so long, or even the time to detect an opportunity to achieve your life goals.

Dreaming Of Giraffe Running

Giraffe Running

Dreaming that a giraffe runs can represent that you are running away from a somewhat inconvenient truth for you right now. Sometimes we put ourselves in this kind of situation, where we know we will have to deal with problems, but we end up pretending that we have nothing to do with it. This can be very dangerous, because it does not make the problem cease to exist, quite the contrary. The situation can even get worse if you don’t take care of yourself, and that poses an unnecessary risk. Taking this kind of attitude is selfish, because it makes only you feel good.

Concerns are part of life, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, urgencies are necessary for us to solve something as soon as possible. If we let ourselves be carried away by apathy, we may not have the necessary strength to overcome adversity. So think about whether that’s the action you should take. Also, this dream may be a suggestion that you may have seen more than you should, and it may be interesting to be a little careful to deal with it.

Dream Of Giraffe Chasing You

Dreaming that a giraffe chases you is an indication that there is a great conflict in you between the conscious and the unconscious. This is often externalized through what is often called a flawed act. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your attitudes, so that you try to be as true as possible with what you really believe.

It is normal that this is often not entirely possible, and this is part of life, as it is often not appropriate to say exactly what we think, because we can hurt others, but be aware that this should be the exception, not the rule. Another interpretation for this dream is that changes may be necessary in different aspects of your life. There is no escape from all our responsibilities and sometimes, in order to face them, a change of attitude may become mandatory.

Dreaming Of Prey Giraffe

This dream is linked to a certain dazzle you have been having with the material aspects of life. It is normal to be enchanted with things and it is no reason to feel better or worse than anyone, but it is important not to let this move so far, because life is much more than material things.

This type of attitude can be very harmful to you when it affects your relationship with others. Taking care of your friendships and your family is something much more important, and it is fundamental to emphasize that it is not a sin to have a focus on money, but when you go beyond the point of healthy, it is good to have a certain “brake”.

Dreaming Of Giraffe Eating

Giraffe Eating

Dreaming that a giraffe is eating can be an omen that professional changes are approaching. This can have different points of view, since it can be something negative, positive or even neutral. There may be a change of work team in the role you have been performing or it may be something linked to your salary.

These changes may or may not please you, but the way you view it is important. Life always puts us in front of challenges, and it is essential to have a firm stance towards them. Even if it is something seemingly negative, it can serve to get you out of the comfort zone, and this is very interesting for those who want to grow up in life.

Dreaming Of Small Giraffe

This dream is usually related to her self-esteem, and from the image of the giraffe, it is very clear the state in which she finds herself. This animal, which is usually a symbol of greatness, is being represented in a tiny, shrunk way and this is a parallel with its self-esteem.

So you’ve been feeling bad about yourself and you feel that everything has been going wrong in your life, in the most different aspects. Things don’t seem to go out of place. So it’s time to regain a little confidence and start rebuilding your life little by little. We are all capable of many things, it is enough to have the necessary strength and the ideal time to act is always the now.

Dream Of Dead Giraffe

Dead Giraffe

Dreaming that a giraffe dies can be a warning for you to be aware of the people around you, because it is not always possible to trust all of them. A betrayal is something that can always affect anyone, and it is important to be connected in any possibility that this will happen. Therefore, at the first sign of envy of others, try to distance yourself.

Dreaming Of Giraffe Being Attacked

If the giraffe is being attacked and injured, it may be a sign that something bad is about to happen. Often you may not have control over it, so if you do not avoid it, it is essential that you prepare your spirit for what may happen.

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