Gambling – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of games means you need to pay attention to possible financial losses. Don’t go around spending your money lightly.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Gambling?

Dreams of gambling often attract many readers in the search for revelations that dictate numbers or animals that one should bet on to make money, but that is not our intention and our experts explain why.

Imagine how many people read our articles daily after dreaming. Now think that if you all bet on the announced tips, the winning of each of you would be minimal, after all you would have to share the prize, right?

Better than that is to offer you the meaning of dreaming of gambling. Acting in the game as the player himself hints that you have control in your hands, but it does not always mean that you are using the best tactic or strategy.

For those who dream of playing in the passive position, such as an admirer of the sport, for example, will always have to decide between continuing to follow the match until the end or not, between rooting for one or another team or player…

What it means to dream of gambling then it will always require from you, dreamer, some kind of decision, and especially to have the wisdom to know how to make the right choice, without leaving gaps for regret to take your sleep some time later.

Dreaming You Watch Game

You Watch Game

Dreaming that you watch a game reveals that life will require you to choose a side. As fans of any game, whether group or individual, we always have our favorites, for which we encourage, encourage the fight for the title of winner. And it is based on this same idea that you will have to decide between one side or the other when the right time comes, remember that.

Dreaming You Participates In A Game

Dreaming that you participate in a game is the perfect translation of society. Just like life which is also a game made up of choices, losses and achievements; when you work in a team, as in the society in which you are inserted, we need to listen, respect, teach, learn, divide and so many other interdependent performances. How is your spirit of collectivity?

Dreaming That It Is Defeated In A Game

Dreaming that you are defeated in a game means that fights, conflicts and confusions probe you lurking at the opportune moment to hit you. Stay alert, as it has been in recent times, keep the faith burning and the practice of meditation up to date. These little tips will help you ward off low energies and attract only good close to you.

Dreaming Of Sports Games

Dreaming of sports play hints at how uncomfortable you feel about the idea of having to expose yourself, to be seen, noticed. This problem seems to push the limits of shyness and go beyond, harassing areas and chores of your life that they should not. It is important to enlist the help of behavioral therapists to relieve such symptoms.

Dreaming Of Lottery


Just like dreaming of gambling, dreaming of lottery game will rarely indicate the real gain of some amount, but rather brings a huge variety of novelties to your life, even if, at first, they are unpleasant.

To make something bad into prosperous, you need to sow, cultivate good for a long time, so that then you can reap what you want so much. For then do not de-validate whatever you have received, God writes right by crooked lines.

Dreaming Of Tray Game

Game of life. Dreaming of board game is challenging, it will be through your decisions made soon that your whole future will depend. Board games are made to be strategic, calculating and accurate.

The coldness and firmness required with each new move are some of the ingredients that ensure the success or failure of players. Use these same weapons to make your decisions and thus ensure an effectively happy choice.

Dream Of Deck Game

Dreaming of playing cards, when playing alone, speaks of your determination and determination to achieve your goals. You are persistent and, with that, you will get far without having to rely on “warm backs” to achieve success.

And if you dream of playing cards in a group of people, know that you can count on their support and protection for any time, whether of distress or celebration. Loyalty between gaming partners is important, and you have already achieved this.

Dreaming Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Expand your vision, that is the true meaning of dreaming of mobile gaming. It seems that you have been wasting small chances of standing out within your desktop because your mind and vision are narrowed. Going in search of learning beyond your field, but maintaining a correlation will help you.

Dreaming Of Videogame

When dreaming of video games, look at yourself and analyze how much you influence other people’s lives and whether this action is simple as an inspiration or if it has great weight to manipulate, dominate and interfere with the will of others.

If this second option is the closest to your personality, stop and pay attention: we are individuals and each of us is born with the guarantee of the right to broad and general freedom, which includes the right to choose what to do without suffering induction from anyone else.

Then put yourself in the shoes of so many you master, take a deep breath and let them go, just as you will free yourself from the pains of firmly holding these moorings that cut and tear your hands and arms in order to control your neighbor.

Dreaming Of Gambling

Dream of gambling, as its name implies – chance. This term defines that most of the time the dreamer will not have luck in betting and games linked to money. But maybe you’re lucky financially otherwise.

Expand your vision and realize that the four-leaf clover, commonly used to symbolize gambling, represents luck, that is, you can indeed have numerous winnings, such as in love, educational, professional life…

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