Friend – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It turns out to be very natural that we dream about friends, because much of what we live in our daily lives is reflected in our subconscious while we are sleeping. However, even if it is common for friends to appear in our dreams, sometimes these may have some special meaning.

Dreaming of a friend, depending on the relationship you have – which can be crucial for the interpretation of your dream – can symbolize anything from an aspect of your own personality to a quality that your friend possesses and that you would like to have. In simple terms, the meaning of dreaming about a friend concerns our way of dealing with people and how we feel about socializing with them. Friends are inseparable parts of our lives and most of us cannot live without them.

Friends are links we create with the world, they open doors for us and create bridges that connect us to new opportunities. Sometimes these are the links that give us the chance to get a new job, meet new people and, as one thing connects with the other, find that great love.

Of course, like everything about interpreting dreams, there is always a negative bias. A warning of danger or something bad that may happen to your friend may be inserted in your dream if you see him in some unhappy or unpleasant situation. Well, there are quite varied explanations of what it means to dream with a friend, aren’t there? Let’s explore them a little more deeply? Come with me!

Dreaming With Friends

When there are many friends in your dream and everyone is gathered, this dream deals with nuances of your own personality that you have avoided recognizing. It is really hard to deal with negative aspects of our own personality, but recognizing these defects and working to change them is an essential part of our evolution as human beings.

Observe where you most clash with people, they are not always the ones who are wrong. Who knows, to help you in this self-criticism, don’t be productive to ask a friend you trust to tell you where you can improve? But be careful, be careful not to get hurt. Only ask this to someone if you are really prepared to listen.

Dream That You Talk To A Friend

Friend – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

When dreaming about talking to a friend, it is important to notice how you felt during that conversation. It was a lively conversation and you felt happy? Great, this kind of dream reveals that you relate well with people and you are very much for them. But if, on the contrary, you experienced bad feelings, such as sadness, frustration or anger, this indicates that you need more patience and resilience. It is likely that something you have planned or are expecting will not happen. This is not to say that it won’t happen in the future, that’s where resilience and patience come in.

Dreaming Of A Childhood Friend

It’s the typical dream that takes you to the past, but not just ludically to that nostalgic and tasty world where we had no responsibilities and everything was colorful and safe. No, no, no! This dream indicates that you are running away from your responsibilities and your commitments, and this is not good.

We must keep alive the child that lives in us, but wait a minute there, don’t let him take care of you. Act like an adult and face life with responsibility, ok? You only have to win.

Dream Of A Friend With Whom You No Longer Talk

If you no longer speak to this friend because you have lost contact, this represents your desire to get rid of all your obligations and responsibilities. Remember that running away from responsibilities is the same as running away from life, so it is not something you should or can do without consequences. Have serenity. Now, if you don’t talk to this friend because of some disagreement, maybe it’s time to leave the bad feelings behind and seek reconciliation.

Dreaming Of A Distant Friend

Friend – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Seeing or chatting with a friend who is far away can simply mean that you miss this friend very much and would like to have him around again. Either way, a distant friend appearing in your dream may also symbolize that a love from the past will reappear or that news about this love will arrive.

Dream Of Friend’s Death

You feel that what you most admire in your friend is disappearing. Admiration is a kind of prerequisite in closer relationships, so this kind of dream can precede the end of a friendship.

Dreaming Of A Friend Who Is Already Dead

Dreaming of a dead friend suggests that you are about to receive news that can transform significant aspects of your life, such as work or a business of your own. These changes can be negative or even positive, it is necessary to be aware of each fact and not let life take you by surprise. Stay in charge of your destiny.

Dream Of Pleasant Moments With Friends

Friend – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

It is a sign that happiness is in your direction. To dream that you have pleasant moments with your friends represents satisfaction with life and love, besides good health and long life. Breathe until your lungs fill and enjoy the day!

Dream That A Friend Does Not Recognize You

If a friend didn’t recognize you in a dream, this is a metaphor that you will be proved with a great challenge and will have to make a decision quickly. We can’t always afford to reason about every step in our lives, so it’s good to have a trained conscience to take the best decision when we are confronted with situations that require them to be taken without thinking too much. Keep your spiritual life in full activity for enlightenment to come upon you when this time comes.

Dream Of A Pregnant Friend

Dreaming that a friend is pregnant means that you will be introduced to someone by a mutual friend and this person will gain relevance in your life. New friendships are doors that open and bridges that connect us to new experiences. May it be good!

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