Flashlight – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a flashlight means that your happiness is on the way. Soon you will live a new love.

Impossible to talk about dreams with a flashlight without going back to the origins of this object so old and still so used today. The lantern has had several formats, properties, light sources and even gave an idea for the creation of a comic book character: the Green Lantern.

There are those made of paper, like some Asian models, that are fed with fire and still illuminate the sky on commemorative dates; those made of iron, with candles like the far-fetched Indian lanterns that create an intimate atmosphere; we also have famous lanterns made with pumpkins to decorate Halloween; without leaving aside the beautiful magical lanterns of the nineteenth century, which are nothing more than the origin of overhead projectors, through which comic books were exhibited on the wall of the houses, which certainly led some to dream of lanterns.

But, dealing with the meaning of dreaming of a flashlight, we have revelations that can arise from the search of the dreamer himself, from the delivery of a solution to his problem through another person, through the lack of energy to keep the light on during the walk, having greater difficulty in finding ways to continue a work or to follow a road.

Are you curious? Want to know more about your dream or the dream of someone you were told? Then see below the most searched topics on the internet and their definitions according to our experts.

Dream You See A Lantern

Dreaming that you see a flashlight means that moments of tranquility, calm and peace await you in a short time. For your happiness to be even greater, you will share the harmony with your family and those close friends.

The best of life should be experienced with those we love right next to us marking beautiful photographs of our history and resulting in many stories to tell.

Dream That Holds A Lantern

Holds A Lantern


Dreaming that you hold a flashlight indicates that the chance you so much desired to be able to correct mistakes, steps on the ball, small mistakes of the past will finally be yours. Take this opportunity with gratitude and love in your heart.

The good we do here will always be a balm for ourselves and others. Allow yourself to feel the feeling of well-being through your words full of sincerity.

Dreaming That Uses Lantern In The Dark

Dreaming that you use flashlight in the dark demonstrates that the knowledge acquired is powerful and will live up to what it serves. During the passage in the valley of darkness and knowledge over the years you will make yourself firm to go without hesitation. You are safe, there is nothing to fear, have courage and confidence, your weapons are also your protective shield.

Dream That Acts A Lantern

Dreaming that lights a flashlight announces the right time to make an effort and get your hands on the dough. You know that idea that has long been shelved or that project that hasn’t come off the ground yet? Well, rescue him and start the realization of each phase, his mind is lit and the light was made to show him the way to be followed.

Dream That Shuts Off A Lantern

Abatement. Dreaming that you turn off a flashlight means that a thick cloud of discouragement enveloped you and you accepted it, welcomed it, embraced it and invited it to settle in your life. That’s turning off the flashlight, it’s giving up fighting, continuing to seek what motivates you, that makes you shine your eyes.

There are phases, cycles and days when these clouds approach, but in the vast majority of cases they come fleeting, with a deadline to dissipate, with no invitation to stay. Don’t give in, don’t be discouraged, your inner light has to keep shining.

Dream Of Broken Lantern

Broken Lantern

Dreaming of a broken flashlight speaks of an unstable, uncertain future. The world is going through a transitional period in which each continent with its countries suffers in some way from the difficulties of immediacy, falsehood of information, net time.

This turmoil does not allow us to visualize steps beyond what we are about to take and creates an atmosphere of risks, precipitation on a slippery floor. These words are not only good for you, but for all of us who by leaps and bounds survive in search of a better future.

Dream You Buy A Lantern

Dreaming that you buy a flashlight means that the immediate acquisition of this object is the same as receiving help from someone very special at the right time. Here, the idea of buying itself has nothing to do with its concept, but rather with getting what you need at the same time.

Dreaming You Lose A Lantern

Already dreaming that you lose a flashlight concerns your professional or business life. An opportunity, project, chance of business will pass beaten by you, having no turn or chance of a new negotiation attempt.

Dreaming Of Another Person Using Lantern

Do you know when we have a friend, teacher or brother who is a great counselor, advisor? It’s always good to be able to count on people like that. And that’s what dreaming of someone else using a flashlight represents, this support, help illuminating your path, giving tips on how to deal with the most diverse scenarios in life.

Dreaming Of Battery – Free Lantern

Battery - Free Lantern

Dreaming of a battery-free flashlight symbolizes the lack of power to continue illuminating the dry source, as well as the endpoint. Watch out for this dream that heralds the loss of a life of someone close to you, if not yours. Take care of your health.

Dream Of Light Appointed For You

Dreaming of flashlight light pointed at you will vary according to the degree of luminescence, the brighter the light, the greater the difficulty in seeing and the higher your level of anxiety towards the future.

When we allow our levels of perception, feeling, energy, among others, to become unbalanced, whether upwards or downwards, we lose the ability to see things as they really are and consequently act in response to something that is not legitimate, this is where the chances of making mistakes live.

Dreaming Of Lantern Sign

Dreaming of a flashlight sign is always an excellent prophecy, especially for matters related to friendly relationships, whether with loved ones or with those closest friends. The sign of the flashlight is nothing more than to show you that the place where you are, in other words, an integral part of this circle of people, is the exact place where you should be, because it is they who nourish you with pure love.

Dreaming That Aims A Lantern At Someone

Dreaming that you point a flashlight at someone means that although you strongly believe you know who your true friends are, the revelation of how many and who they are is yet to happen.

In case you dream that you point a flashlight at someone, the light of this tool will be used by yourself, that is, there will be no outsider to bring this revelation to light, you yourself will have your means of clearly identifying through forceful evidence and facts.

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