Feces – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Feces – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Do you want to know what it means to dream about feces? As much as it may be a seemingly disgusting and negative dream, you shouldn’t worry! In general, the meaning of dreaming about feces is something very positive! Most of the time it’s a good omen!

Many people think that dreaming about feces may suggest that you are dirty, that there is something wrong in your life, or even that you have to get rid of grudges. It may even mean that, depending on your feelings and the context of the dream, but in general dreaming about feces is a harbinger of luck and abundance! What a relief!

Dreaming about feces is a sign of fortune, profits, and an omen of good luck linked to material gains. But since your dream may have had some specific situations, we made a list to try to help you discover the meaning of dreaming about feces! Let’s go:

Dreaming About Human Feces

Dreaming of human feces can indicate that you feel ashamed for something that happened in the past. If you were sad or desperate in the dream, it is likely that something is bothering you inside. It’s time to reflect, forgive yourself, and ask for forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t feed that.

However, if you were normal in the dream and the feces did not cause you any fear, the dream can also indicate that the time has come to invest in that project that you always wanted to start. Faeces is also about creation and transformation! It’s time to take a chance!

Dreaming About Dog Feces

Feces – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The dog is man’s best friend. Because of this, dreaming about dog feces means that it is time to start a project with friends. Invest in creating something together with them or even open your heart to new friendships.

If you start some business partnership with some friend or trusted friend, there will be great chances for you to succeed and profit.

Dream About Feces In The Toilet

Dreaming of faeces in the vase may mean that you or someone close to you will be in trouble. If the feces are overflowing, you should be careful in social gatherings, not to pass any kind of embarrassment. If you have dreamed of a toilet covered in feces, it may mean that you will go through difficult situations or something bad that you try to overcome but have not yet succeeded. And if you saw the feces floating in the bathroom, it suggests that currently you will not be able to control this difficulty.

You are likely to experience some turbulence in your life, but this dream also indicates that no matter how complicated the situation is, you will overcome it with wisdom and persistence!

Dreaming About Baby Feces

Feces – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming about children and feces can be something extremely positive! But be aware that the baby must be healthy and well cared for in the dream, because if it is dirty, mistreated or messy, this can totally change its meaning. Everything changes according to the child’s condition!

If the baby or the child is happy, well dressed, the dream is associated with material gains, indicating luck in business or at work. But be smart, because it is necessary to act wisely to take advantage of opportunities.

In the case of dissatisfied or ill cared for children, we can interpret this as a warning! You need to stay alert so as not to have any love disappointment.

If the child has dirty the bed or done it in diapers while in bed, this is a sign of abundance in all aspects. If it is in public or if you step in the feces, it is a harbinger of great financial success.

Dreaming About Cat Feces

Dreaming of cat feces indicates that it is very likely something great will happen, and soon!

If you dreamed about cat faeces, the moment promises great events. They can be both positive and negative and will have a great impact on your life. It will be a totally unexpected novelty! So stay tuned for any surprises that may shake or impress you!

If it is something negative, you must be prepared and careful not to suffer any accident that will hurt or bother you! But if it’s something positive, there’s a chance you’ll find a love, make a new friendship, win the lottery, get a promotion or even find money on the street. Let’s hope it’s something positive! Let’s hope it’s something positive!

Dreaming About The Smell Of Feces

Dreaming about the smell of feces is a sign that you will get a money back, which you thought you had already lost. It may be that that relative will finally give you back the amount you loaned years ago, or that investment/immovable will be valued. No matter what way it is, you’ll be surprised financially!

Dream That You Step In Feces

The meaning of dreaming that treads on feces is luck in the game or in your investments. It’s a good time to play the lottery or to invest your money (wisely, of course!). If you dream that you were walking on the street and stepped in feces, this may indicate that you will go through great changes!

Dream That You Are Dirty Of Feces

The most common interpretation is that you have a past with great regrets. This dream can symbolize that you recognized everything you did wrong and are ready to become a new person. It is the moment to seek a spiritual evolution and improve your virtues. This dream is a reflection of a personal desire to abandon everything that does you wrong!

The neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro, in his book The Oracle of the Night, tells that for the symbolic interpretation of dreams by Buddhists, climbing a mountain of excrement represents the stripping of desires and expectations, which for them is very important for the full spiritual experience (Ribeiro, 2019).

If in the dream you just saw someone dirty with excrement, this can symbolize that you are concerned about someone who needs your help. Through your love and care, everything will be fine!

Dream That You Eat Feces

Dreaming that you eat feces is quite disgusting. If in the dream you are normal and eating feces does not shake you, the meaning of dreaming about feces is good: it represents luck in all aspects of your life.

However, if you are eating feces and suffering, it may mean that you have lived or are living something that bothers you. Remember that you have control in your life and should not be forced to do things you don’t agree with! Fight and everything will be fine!

Dream That You Pick Up Feces

This dream with feces symbolizes something very good, you will have luck and wealth. It’s a good time to take a little risk in matters related to finance. It can be an investment, a new project or undertaking. Your luck will bring you good profits.

Dream That Clean Feces

Feces – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you are cleaning feces is a metaphor to say that you are cleaning your soul. You have decided that you need to change, that you don’t want to make the same mistakes anymore and now you are getting rid of everything that hurts you. Congratulations, you are now a safer person!

Dream That You Touch Feces

If in your dream you touched feces, it is the ideal time for you to take a risk and start investing your money. Invest wisely in something you believe in!

Dream About Feces In Bed

This dream is a sign that you are about to have a financial abundance. Dreaming that you defecate in bed is a warning for you to take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you! Be confident!


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