Fear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Fear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming with fear can have several meanings, but in general it means that something from the unconscious tends to be external, be it a project or a personal change. It means that you need to be more open to the changes that are about to happen in your life.

What does it mean to dream in fear? Although some dreams with fear are difficult, they mean changes or come to tell you that you need to be more open to the renewals that life gives you. So, maybe it’s time for you to start taking courage to put your plans into practice, getting rid of what holds you back!

Why do we feel fear? Many times we are afraid to follow new paths, but fear can also be that of forgetting the past. However, the two ways can be paralyzing: the fear of the new can prevent you from walking in life, from achieving your goals; the fear of forgetting the past can keep you trapped in situations and people that hinder your growth.

Another face of fear is that it can also make us more sensible and controlled, making us leave aside some dangerous situations.

The meaning of dreaming about fear usually seems to be bad, since some dreams end up being quite uncomfortable. However, when you start to interpret them you realize that they appear only when there is a need to get right with your decisions and rethink some situations.

In this post, we bring several interpretations of dreams with fear so that you can understand some points of your own life and maybe rethink some recurring attitudes that can end up being limiting.

Dreaming That You Feel Fear

Fear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dream that you are feeling afraid, it means that you will have family problems, as well as disagreements between friends and difficulties in business.

dream that you are afraid
However, if the fear is to take some action or to move forward, it means that there are problems in sight in the family and business area.

The dream with the feeling of fear can also mean extreme anxiety.

Dreaming Of Someone Feeling Fear

When, in your dream, someone is feeling fear, it may mean that this person (or someone close to you) has difficulty opening up to the news and cannot move on. It may be good to observe more who surrounds you at times, and you may be that person who helps others to shake off their fears so they can move forward with their goals.

Dream That You Are Afraid Of People You Know

Dreaming that you are afraid of people you know means that you have to be careful about who surrounds you! This dream means that someone close to you is setting a trap, so it’s better to be more selective with what you tell others.

This dream comes to tell you that you have to be more careful with what you say, since talking without thinking about the consequences can bring you problems.

Dream That You Are Afraid Of Relatives

Dreaming that you are afraid of family members means that your life must go through a period of difficulties in the family that may involve money. Therefore, it is important that you take more care especially when you notice some disagreements forming so as not to aggravate the situation.

Dream That You Are Afraid Of Someone

If you dream that you put fear in someone, it means that a bad moment comes linked to sadness in the family and financial problems: it could be that someone does some debt with you!

Dream That You Are Afraid To Make A Choice

Dreaming that you are afraid to make a choice means that you are going through a difficult moment that needs a little more definition. Although difficult, this is an important moment because it means maturing; in this period, you must learn a lot and put some drops in the “is”.

Dream That You Are Afraid Of Death

Dreams with death can be quite uncomfortable, but, contrary to what they seem, they mean moments of transformation and renewal in the life of the dreamer. So, if you dream with fear of dying, it means that in fact you are afraid of the transformations, difficult to confront the news.

In this sense, the dream can appear so that you begin to open up to changes and enjoy what life has to offer without fear of leaving the comfort zone. Think about it!

Dream That You Are Afraid Of Being Robbed

Dreaming of being robbed indicates problems related to your material possessions, so it means that too much loss or spending can happen, causing economic hardship.

In addition, the dream also warns that one must be careful with financial decisions, especially when it comes to big business.

Dreaming In Fear Of Heights

Fear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

What does it mean to dream that you are afraid of heights? The fear of heights means that you are going through a moment of hard work, where you have a very big goal to achieve.

Dreaming Of Fear Of River

The dream with fear of the river has two interpretations:

The first says that you are a controlling person because you can’t handle news well. It is important that you know that being too controlling with life can bring anxiety problems, for example, so you need to take more care with this characteristic.

The second interpretation is linked to health, warning you that you may be neglecting your health, becoming prone to more serious problems. Listen more to your body and take routine exams!

Dreaming In Fear Of Ghosts

Dreaming in fear of ghosts concerns precisely the ghosts of the past, from which you have difficulty in unraveling. This dream tells you to seek professional or friendly help to overcome past traumas and situations that were not well resolved in order to live with more tranquility, taking the stones out of the way.

Dream That You Are Afraid Of The Dark

Fear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

The fear of the dark in your dream symbolizes that you are afraid of new things. However, this characteristic needs to be changed in order for you to achieve your life goals, which end up being harmed by the excessive fear of opening up to the new.

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