Exorcism – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of exorcism means that something has been taking space in your thoughts, which can be both a desire and a disturbance.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Exorcism?

Just like the idea of exorcism itself, this meaning of dreaming of exorcism would be like a kind of possession itself.

In addition, dreams of exorcism can also express the way you face your difficulties. And here lies the real problem: the dream comes as a warning for you to work on solving all your problems.

Exorcism is a rather frightening subject, mainly because of the way it is approached in cinemas, for example. Therefore, it is normal to feel fear after dreaming of exorcism, after all this may even indicate that a person’s soul is wandering while in deep sleep.

Understand that what it means to dream of exorcism can also be due to some movie you watched or even if you had contact with some supernatural story.

Dream You See An Exorcism

Just imagining watching an exorcism already gives you the creeps, doesn’t it? In dreams this vision can also cause dread – and so can the meaning!

If you dream that you see an exorcism, know that it is a clear sign that you are a person who has enough difficulty living with the adversities that arise before you.

This can bring you a sense of weakness and probably makes you want to give up overcoming what comes up. However, remember that life is made up and down: learning to deal with situations is fundamental to ensure quality of life.

Dreaming That You Are Being Exorcised

You Are Being Exorcised

Have you ever stopped to think about going through an exorcism situation? It’s better not to imagine, isn’t it? But what if this happened through dreams?

Dreaming that you are being exorcised is a kind of dream that addresses the way you have looked at yourself, because you have let yourself be dominated by your problems, where they are generating much greater consequences than they should be.

If in the dream you are being exorcised by a priest (or another religious figure as a whole), the interpretation is that you incorporate both roles – both that of the one being exorcised and that of the priest.

That is, this symbolizes that a certain problem tries to possess you and you have the possibility to get rid of it, just like the priest does.

Therefore, dreaming that you are being exorcised suggests that you try to have faith in yourself and not let the problems consume you.

Dreaming Of Other People Being Exorcised

Watching other people’s exorcism is also a rather scary experience. Dreaming of this is a warning for you to analyze the way you treat other people.

Understand that dreaming of the exorcism of a strange person demonstrates that sometimes you observe others from another perspective, so it is a right time to make a difference and change. This can make your way easier to achieve your goals.

In general, this dream means that you can even look at others with pity, indifference or judging them.

Think about the way you have not only seen, but talked or answered men and women who are present in your friendship cycle or within the professional field.

Have more empathy: understand that by appearing to be exorcised, this person is probably different from the others and, because of this, you see him in the wrong way.

Dreaming Of Father Exorcizing

In an exorcism, one of the most important parts is the figure of the priest or other religious representation that seeks to uproot the demonic spirit of the person.

If you dream of priest exorcising, know that this means that you are being able to deal with your problems, that is, you are facing every adversity that has appeared in your life with your head held high.

This demonstrates their great determination and personal evolution – two factors that may be essential for the future. Everyone is even more admired by you and your ability, so you stay focused on starting over every day.

Dreaming Of Children Being Exorcised

Children being exorcised bring an image worthy of nightmares, and this can occur in a dream.

Dreaming of a child being exorcised symbolizes the emergence of a child in your life who will be in need of your help. Therefore, it is essential that you find out what she needs to decide whether to help her or not.

The dream may indicate that this child may be your child, a relative, a friend or an unknown child. It all depends on details.

However, the main idea of the dream is to help this child, after all charity is one of the most important attributes of the human being.

Dreaming Of Woman Being Exorcised

Woman Being Exorcised

The sex of the person being exorcised also brings different interpretations to a dream.

Dreaming of a woman being exorcised can symbolize the need to provide changes in her life, in a certain area. Since women have a keen sixth sense compared to men, this dream indicates that exploring this is fundamental.

Evaluate this moment, which fields need transformation because they are stagnant and put everything back to work.

Just remember that making changes based on emotional or impulses are not indicated.

Dreaming Of Man Being Exorcised

Man demonstrates, through his sex, all his strength and virility. Dreaming of a man being exorcised also depends on the sex of the dreamer.

For example, if you are also a man, understand that this means a warning that certain attitudes need to be changed, especially because you have certain extreme machismo actions.

It’s time for you to realize that the world has evolved considerably and women now have the same rights as you. And obviously they deserve just as much respect. That is, it means that there is no more room for harassment.

Seek a better understanding of your actions.

Now, if women dreamed of a man being exorcised, the interpretation is different. In reality, it is a kind of warning and omen: try to pay more attention to the attitudes of any man who approaches and is interested in you, because they will be extremely macho and will not do you any good.

For committed women, the dream also values greater care in the behavior of the partner, especially in alerting him if there are attitudes or opinions that make the female sex feel inferior.

Dreaming Of Exorcism In The Church

The dream in which you watch an exorcism inside a church denotes a warning: you need to take a little more care of your spiritual life, because you are not dedicating yourself much to it. Taking care of this area can ensure more health and positivity for your days.

Obviously this does not mean that you have to follow a religion, but rather maintain positive thoughts and seek to look at life in a more empathetic and generous way.

Dreaming Of Exorcism At Home

Exorcism At Home

Now, seeing an exorcism in our own home is something that can creep to the last hair. This dream vision actually has a good meaning: soon, you will no longer have to worry about those bad feelings you have inside.

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