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Dreaming of escape means that you have been very worried about something. It represents the fear you have of your everyday situations, such as financial issues or fights between family and friends. This feeling makes you want to run away from everything.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Escape?

Its general meaning is somewhat contradictory: exactly because it represents the desire to move away from something or someone, it means the opposite, that is: there is something in your life that you are afraid to face, and therefore avoid at all costs, but, in fact, you should face, because this attitude will make you evolve in wisdom, while continuing to run away will only make the problem grow, like a snowball, and may cause other problems in the future, unnecessarily. For Jung, unconscious narratives require integration with consciousness to prevent us from falling ill (JUNG et al., 1987) . And the confrontation of those who persecute us in the dream, is a good way to do this.

This dream can be framed as a typical dream of persecution, described by Freud (2016), the father of psychoanalysis, in his seminal book “The Interpretation of Dreams”. It is a dream that can be recurrent, and that demonstrates that we are distressed by a question that is asked to us at this moment, and this dream thinking indicates to us the need to face the problem.

The details are very important, because they symbolically show what you are running away from.

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Dreaming You Are Running

You Are Running

Thus, the meaning of dreaming of escape is linked to the possibility of evolution and rebirth.

This means that you are facing obstacles and limitations that you need to overcome to continue on your path of natural growth. The positive attitude that is recommended to follow after such a dream is to think that by showing this, life is giving you a chance to overcome this obstacle, which prevents a greater and better evolution. That is, if she is trusting you, why don’t you trust yourself?

If, on the contrary, you do not face these issues (which can often also be unresolved situations from many years ago), you will remain stagnant in some way by this fear.

Dreaming That Flees From Someone

This means that, because he is very gauged in his own ideas, he cannot accept points of view different from his own. You need to stop and think, to achieve a balancein this: are you sure that you know what is best for you, you have the right to have your opinions and you need to decide for yourself, but sometimes it is also good to pay attention to ideas different from ours: maybe they will not bring an answer that we were desperately looking for only with our resources, or serve as material to improve our ideas?

Dreaming That Flees From The Police

Flees From The Police

For many people, this dream may sound bizarre, because they never committed or think about committing a crime. However, what he means is that you know, consciously or not, that you have made a mistake, that you are not necessarily against the law, and that you are afraid of having to face the consequences.

If this happens to you, try to relax to keep your head in place in order to overcome them in the best possible way. Be prepared for everything. And try not to make the same mistakes again.

Dreaming That Flees From Assault

This, which is one of the scariest, is usually taken as a warning that a robbery will happen very soon. But that’s not what it’s all about. Think: you can’t avoid a robbery, right? Therefore, it symbolizes that you are worrying too much about issues, for you or your relatives and friends, over which no one has any power, such as the appearance of some illness, lack of money, accident, sudden death… or even assault.

It’s hard, but this dream works as a recommendation for you to get it out of your head, it’s useless to spend time and energy thinking too much about it. The only thing you can do is to get more anxious and stressed, which will harm your health.

Dreaming That Flees From Shooting

This dream points to a more complex problem: you cannot impose yourself before others. He is afraid to talk about his ideas because of the possibility of being disliked. In a broader sense, you feel inferior to others, because you don’t seem to feel like you have the same right as them to have their own opinions on the subjects and to be wrong sometimes. But there are times when avoiding a conflict is worse than being disrespected for not being able to impose limits.

If you escape this shooting unharmed, the meaning is even more discouraging: it is not you who run the reins of your life, that is, it is other people who make the decisions that are yours alone. That way, you can’t do the things you really want.

Dream That Flees From A Fight

If you are going to fight with someone generic, you are struggling to live with others, for fear of not being accepted by them.

If it is with someone you know, it is with this person that you are having your biggest conflicts right now. Even if it is unpleasant, you need to talk, as this is the best way to solve them.

Dreaming That Flees From Prison

Flees From Prison

The meaning of this is that you are wanting to free yourself from something or someone who is trapping you in some way – be it a bad relationship, a job you don’t like, etc.

Or even some impediment you feel from expressing your ideas or talents, for example. This dream is positive, because when it happens, it indicates that the person is already tired of the situation, finally seeing more its losses than its advantages, that is, it is ready to free itself.

There is only one catch: this prison is not always as literal as in the examples above. It often refers to limiting concepts that we ourselves feed in our head, such as low self-esteem. That’s why it can be harder to get rid of certain prisons.

Dreaming That Flees From Wedding

If those who dream of it are married, it is a warning that you are not paying due attention to your relationship. If married life is boring, see what you can do to improve the situation.

If you are single, you indicate that it is better to remain so, as you will be subject to infidelities and disappointments.

Dreaming That Flees From Animals

This dream depends a lot on which animal you dreamed of. The two most common are snake and dog:

Cobra: contrary to what it may seem, it is positive. Being chased by a snake means that you have enough health and prestige to be able to move your projects forward, as you are in a position to achieve things practically impossible for others. It can also symbolize only the excellent health you are enjoying at this time in your life – enjoy!
Dog: contrary to what may seem, it is negative. You are going through a period when it is easier to get involved in fights, so avoid situations that may contribute to this. If you are already in a hanger, try to solve it with the utmost caution, avoiding future headaches.

Dreaming That Flees By Car

This car shows that you are afraid of changes in your life. However, it is necessary that you accept them, and so you can evolve, it may be that for an even better situation, why not?

If you ran away from an accident, you will go through some difficulties, but you will be able to overcome them because you have the capacity to do so. So don’t hesitate to trust yourself!

Dreaming That Flees By Motorcycle

This signals that the time has passed when you could afford to surrender your responsibilities to others to solve them. So assume them, because some things in your life only depend on you.

Dream You See Someone Running

You need to make an important decision regarding your love life. But when it is this dream that appears, it means that you already know what your answer should be, you just need to arm yourself with a little courage to face the situation.

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