Earring – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of earring means prosperity and wealth. The earring is an adornment that beautifies the person, helping to make those who make their use more attractive. The meaning of dreaming of earring can also be in the sense of paying more attention to what the people around you want to talk to you.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Earring?

You need to pay attention to the details to understand what it means to dream of earring.Usually this type of dream indicates the need to look at yourself in real life, to do a self-assessment.

It is also important, in earring dreams, to pay attention to the type of earring, its shape, its characteristics, as this can change the type of interpretation of the meaning of dreaming of earring.

Dream You See A Earring

You See A Earring

When dreaming that you see an earring, you should seek to do what is in your power so that your relationship is the best possible. But if you notice that you are not compatible with each other, you must choose to go another path, or you may harm yourself in the future.

Earring dreams also indicate a strong trait of his personality, indicates a charismatic person, highly adaptable to various situations in life.

Dreaming of earring, when you see the earring, can be an indication for you to use these qualities to your advantage, so that you succeed in all your choices.

Dreaming That Uses An Earring

The meaning of dreaming of earring, when you are wearing the earring, means that you are on the right track to use your best qualities to your advantage.

When dreaming of earring being worn, it is also important to be aware of what other people are saying about you. Try to listen more and talk less, as there may be an indication that important information is being ignored.

Dream You Buy A Earring

Dreaming that you buy an earring brings out a desire, a desire to receive affection, affection and love, from the person you love. That person, however, does not know this aspect of his personality.

If you are wondering what it means to dream of earring, in the situation where you are buying, know that it is important to show affection if you want to receive affection back.

Dreaming You Win A Gift Earring

In earring dreams, dreaming that you get one as a gift from someone else is a sign of good news.

Quite possibly you should receive (and soon) a good job offer. If you already work, the proposal will be for a job that will bring many more advantages than your current one.

It is important to keep in mind that it is interesting to accept this proposal when it comes, as it will bring you luck and help you in your financial matters. So stay tuned to the dream.

Dreaming That Gives A Earring

The meaning of dreaming of earring, when you give it to someone else, may indicate that you finally understood why you had quarreled or misunderstanding with this person, to begin with.

In this way, when dreaming of an earring being presented by you to someone, it means that you are trying to redeem yourself with that person. And making amends after an argument is always good.

Dream Of Gold Earring

Gold Earring

When dreaming of gold earring, rest easy. This is an excellent omen, one of the best in earring dreams. The dream comes to indicate that you will be able to fulfill your wishes!

The meaning of dreaming of gold earring is also related to solving difficult problems. Great news, right?

This dream also indicates that you are a valued person, both by your friends and by your family.

Dreams with gold earring may also indicate that there is a chance to find someone influential, well connected, who will bring joy to your life.

Dream Of Broken Earring

Within the possible dreams of earring, dreaming of broken earring is one of the situations in which you should pay close attention, especially to the people who are close to you.

To understand what it means to dream of broken earring, look around you. There may be envious people who are throwing negative energies into their life. Some may even be making up stories about you for other people.

Thus, by understanding the meaning of dreaming of broken earring, you can avoid the people you feel are emanating these negative energies, and always maintain positivity and good thoughts.

What we emanate to the Universe comes back to us. Soon, respond to evil with good, and everything will work out.

Dreaming Of Pearl Earring

Pearl Earring

If you dream of pearl earring, it can mean a premonition about pregnancy.If you have dreamed, you may want to take an examination for verification. If your wife was in the dream, she could get pregnant soon!

This is because the meaning of dreaming of pearl earring brings the symbolism of the shell. Pearl develops inside the shell, which can be compared to the fetus, which develops in the mother’s womb.

Another interpretation for dreams with pearl earring may come in the sense of the need for reflection. Here, the voice of reason must be greater than the voice of emotion. Stop, reflect on your life, be more flexible and open to new opportunities.

Dreaming Of Black Earrings

The meaning of dreaming of black earring is not bad omen, you can rest easy. We should not always relate the color black to bad meanings.

Dreaming of black earring is related to a secret. A situation you hide, maybe too long ago. When your earring dreams bring the color black, it means you should be sincere and share this secret.

Take it easy, think about the best way to tell the secret, and move on.

Dreaming Of Stones Earring

This is another of the sweet dreams with earring. Historically, stones and crystals have always been greatly appreciated by people who deal with energies, because they believe they can purify environments, restore the balance of chakras, among others.

Thus, dreaming of stone earrings can be directly linked to wealth. Good omens for investments, which can bring good returns. Future events will bring good financial results.

Dream That Loses Earrings

Pay attention to the meaning of dreaming of earring when you lose it in the dream. This is because it usually brings a message for you to stop insisting on a certain situation.

This situation can be both at work and in personal life (perhaps a person you have been creating expectations about). The message to give up is because that person or situation may not be exactly what you expect or deserve.

On the other hand, in dreams with lost earring, if you are not creating expectations with anyone, it may indicate that you will find a new love.

Dreaming Of Bone Earrings

The meaning of dreaming of bone earring is not a good omen. Generally, it means that a difficult situation approaches your life, and is directly linked to the financial aspect.

When dreaming of bone earring, keep an eye on your finances. It can mean high debt, loss of investment, or even a layoff.

Always try to save money safely, and do not make high expenses or risky investments.

Dreaming Of Key Earrings

Considering the symbolism of the key, what does it mean to dream of keyring? We can interpret it as the emergence of opportunities. Usually linked to the professional, you will have good opportunities.

Dreams with keyring usually indicate new job opportunities, promotion in current job, possibility of change. It is necessary to think about the pros and cons to make the right choice.

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