Dirty Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dirty Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of dirty water means that you don’t feel so clean spiritually, that you need an inner cleansing. It represents all the toxicity and negative energies that are around you today.

Dreaming of dirty water is connected to a different sense of dreaming of clean water. Normally, when certain things degenerate in our dreams, they end up representing things opposite to what they would normally represent. Dead animals, for example, have a different meaning than living ones. The meaning of dreaming about dirty water would not escape this “rule”.

Dirty water in dreams reflects in a way its loss of function, because clean water represents life and purity. When it is dirty, we can no longer consume it or even the animals that live in it may end up dying. This impurity may be reflecting a certain dirt we find inside ourselves, referring us to an inner cleansing that must be done.

Nevertheless, each context brings us different interpretations. For this, we will know some of them to understand what it means to dream about dirty water.

Dreaming That You Drink Dirty Water

If in your dream you drink the dirty water, you are allowing that instead of drinking something pure that will bring you a good, you are drinking something contaminated, somewhat toxic. This toxicity is related to the toxicity of some people around you. Bad words, bad energy and bad thoughts, besides envy. All this can be coming from people around you.

It is not uncommon that there are people, even those we consider very close, who put us down. Certain comments end up not being pleasant to hear and affect us in an intense way. This can even come from our parents. The voice of these comments ends up being many times stronger than the voice of positive energies that are passed on to us.

Therefore, try to feed yourself more with positive energies than with negative ones. Try to speak to those who are doing you harm exactly as you are feeling it. It is important that they know how you are receiving what they give you. Try to position yourself so that they do not forget their feelings. If there is still a lot of negativity, try to get away from it so that you don’t let it be more important than drinking clean water in your life.

Dreaming About Running Dirty Water

Dirty Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The water stream ends up taking the things that fall into it. A stream of dirty water may represent that you don’t want to get into that water that is flowing. You don’t see it with good eyes. This actually represents a difficulty in dealing with different opinions. That may be something that is taking you somewhere, but since you are seeing it as something dirty, there is a certain repulsion.

It takes a lot of humility to know how to deal with opposing opinions. You have to understand that you are not always right. To admit that you are wrong is something very difficult for certain people. Even admitting that you have this problem is something equally complicated. Therefore, this dream can come in handy as a form of alertness.

Think carefully about your attitudes. This doesn’t mean that you should always agree with others, but that you should stop more to listen to the next one. Sometimes it’s no use trying to swim against the current. Have humility and empathy to listen and understand what you are saying. Tolerance to others is something that is currently lacking, don’t let this also be lacking in you.

Dream That You Are Swimming In Dirty Water

This dream can mean that you will go through difficult moments, full of negativity, both personal and professional. Stay alert so that you can prepare yourself for this. Have the firmness and courage to deal with the adversities of life. They only get in your way as much as you allow them. Take care of your spiritual self and reflect on ways to avoid this negativity.

If you dream that nothing in a river of dirty water, it may mean that negative things will be present in your life in the near future, especially in your personal sphere. The same tip is to reflect in order to understand what these negativities are and try to get around them.

Dreaming Of Stagnant Dirty Water

Dirty Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

If the dirty water is standing still in your dream, it may mean that there is something stagnant in your life. What was once clean and pure just stood there. In time this accumulates the dirt. This water needs to run to be clear again. This is related to our opinions. If we are always stagnant in something, it ends up deteriorating.

We always need to be open to change, because we are always able to add something new to our thoughts. We can even change our opinion completely. To be able to do this is not to have a weak opinion, but actually to be quite wise. To recognize that you are not perfect and that you can improve your opinions is a sign of intelligence. That’s why the phrase “I only know that I know nothing” is so important. Being aware and humble that you still have a lot to improve puts us in a condition to be always improving. If we already think that everything is fine, we will remain forever stagnant, without any evolution.

Dreaming About A Puddle Of Dirty Water

The dirty puddle is associated with the meaning of still water. Besides carrying some of that meaning, it also reflects that you should be more concerned about health. The puddle of dirty water prevents us from seeing our own reflection in it, it may indicate that you are losing space for something dirty in you. Take more care of your well being, review your habits and seek a better lifestyle.

Dream About Flooding Dirty Water

When you allow dirt to take over everything, it can mean that you are not giving yourself the value you deserve. Thus, a flood of dirty water can represent a decrease in your self-esteem. Think a lot about yourself.

Look for ways to understand that you are the most important person in your world. Value yourself, show yourself to yourself and to the world. You are the only person able to transform your own life. Do not depend on others, find your own strength and follow a path of self-discovery.

Dreaming Of Dirty Water Invading The House

Your home is a place in the world from which you feel safe. This is the most important thing in a home. When dirt invades your safest place, it can mean insecurity for you. You may be feeling that problems are nearby, or even be insecure about your feelings. Try to understand what brings you insecurity and think about taking actions to lessen it.

Dreaming About Dirty Clay Water

When clay represents the dirt of water, it means that you are feeling a lack of stability. This can be good or bad. It can represent something that has affected you negatively, apart from your emotional stability, such as a fight or dismissal. But it can also be something positive, which takes away your stability in the same way, like a passion.

Dreaming About A Pool Of Dirty Water

Dirty Water – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

The pool is a place of fun and tranquility. So, what it means to dream of a dirty water pool is connected to a false feeling of being in a quiet place. This can mean that betrayal and falsehood are close to you. Because of this, be very attentive to the people around you. Try to identify who is treating you with falsehood and avoid greater problems in your life.

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