Demons – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of demons can be a little scary or disturbing. However, its meaning is not always negative. It may represent that you will soon be on a journey or that you will have a great victory in the professional field.

The meaning of dreaming about demons is linked to the fact that they, culturally, represent evil, being a counterpart of the good things that exist in the world. Their figure is the opposite of that of angels. While we have angels protecting and helping us, demons do an opposite “service”. They always try to lead us to the path of darkness.

In this way, our most negative side is what it means to dream of a demon. It is exactly our less developed side and connected to our most destructive part. Even being connected to something darker, dreams arise for good, helping us to turn on an alert for a reflection about this side of ours and start a process of self-knowledge. Some variations of this dream also invite us to this process, and we should know more about them.

Dream That Sees A Demon

Demons – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming of a demon does not always mean something bad. If you dream you see one, it may be a sign that you are going on a journey soon. This is because the image of demons can be linked to some luxury, and in this case represents a great trip.

We must not forget that demons were once angels, so they still represent something strong that can be positive. Besides, it can be the sign of a great coming victory, it can even be a financial victory.

Dreaming That You Talk To A Demon

When you are talking to him, the situation demands a certain care. Not with yourself, but with the people close to you. Talking to a demon in your dream may indicate that someone close to you may be trying to take advantage of you.

What can happen is that you always show a lot of good will to others, always trying to do good. However, this can be used by someone for their own benefit. So, it is very important that, when you have this dream, you become more and more connected in your relationships.

This does not mean that you should stop doing good for everyone, but that you should not let them exploit you in a negative way. Do not let them hurt you and stay for that. Dreaming that you talk to a demon is a warning. From this, always be very careful about who you include in your circles of friendship.

Dream That You Run Away From A Demon

Here is one of the great examples of how dreaming of demons can incite a search for greater self-knowledge. Running away from something in a dream is quite symbolic, because it is what reflects directly on our reality. This can mean that you are avoiding something, or even that something is hurting you and you don’t realize it. In this case, when running from a demon, you must stop and reflect.

Dream demons are recognized as your personal shadow. If you are running from one, then you are running from your most unpleasant part. Because of this, the necessary reflection must be done about your mistakes. Thus, you must take a moment to ask forgiveness for your failures and seek to improve and resolve conflicts.

The key point here is to manage to face your darkest part and learn how to deal with it. The dream comes as a warning to correct life’s mistakes, so it is very important to pay attention to it.

Dreaming You Fight A Demon

In a similar way to the previous one, here the demon also reflects something we have experienced in our lives. However, the struggle with it can yield more than one interpretation. One of them is that this struggle is linked to some financial difficulty. We all know how difficult it is to deal with the lack of money and how it affects us. Therefore, fighting with a demon is exactly a reflection of this feeling that it gives us when we go through this difficulty.

Another possible interpretation is that a betrayal approaches. In this case, the betrayal is not only limited to a loving relationship, it can also start from a friendship. It is necessary to stay connected to any sign of it in real life, even more so because what can be seen as betrayal may be nothing more than a misunderstanding, a certain disappointment with the person. Be careful not to crucify anyone before the time. Always try to solve these conflicts in the best way. It’s also important to deal with your inner self at that moment.

Dream About A Demon In Human Form

Demons – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

One reason for a demon to assume human form may be to “deceive” someone, as a form of disguise. So, when dreaming about it, the meaning doesn’t escape much from this logic. It may be a sign that there will be some temptation in your life, something that seems common, but it is not.

This temptation usually occurs in the sexual sense, and can also occur in different moments of your life. What is worth is that this kind of temptation can represent a difficulty. Therefore, it is a warning that you should pay attention to life’s temptations in order to avoid them becoming a nuisance.

Dreaming That A Demon Is Calling You

Here we have one more dream case that demands our reflection. Dreaming that a demon is calling you, as well as fleeing from it, incites a search for an assimilation of faults and mistakes and demands a search for forgiveness. Here we see our negative side calling us. He wants to show himself and make himself noticed. In other words, the dream wants to show us our bad side so that we can observe our mistakes and thus correct them. This dream is mainly connected to our feeling of greed.

When we are called to take notice of it, we must reflect on this kind of attitude and, above all, look around. It is necessary to know that there are no hurts in other people for this greed. If the mistakes made really hurt someone, it is essential to know how to apologize. Forgiveness should always be sought, so that it makes living with one’s neighbor something pleasant again. It is important to note that just asking for forgiveness is not enough, you must take steps not to continue making the same mistakes.

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