Deceased Grandmother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about a deceased grandmother is a very sensitive kind of dream that says a lot about your unconscious. You probably felt like a child recently and would like to be comfortable again with the presence of your grandmother. In general, the dream represents your desire to feel loved and protected, because there is no human being who shows more love than grandmother.

Logically, every detail of dreaming about the grandmother who has already died must be taken into account for analysis and interpretation of the dream, such as if you hug her, kiss her, smile, cry.

When we are with our grandmother, the feeling is one of protection, of a warm heart, of love. Think about the past days. What happened for you to feel the desire to be protected, to feel loved and to be cared for like a grandmother? Surely you will find a moment that felt like this, like a child.

Check below the meaning of dreams with a deceased grandmother!

Dreaming That You See The Deceased Grandmother

Deceased Grandmother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

Dreaming that you see your deceased grandmother means that you will have your problems solved. These problems have been bothering you and are making you feel lost, unreliable, like a child.

Your need to feel good again, confident and loved, mainly, projected your grandmother in the dream as an archetype of security, of love. You are not in need of a romantic love of partner. You are missing the love of your grandmother, who protects you, which is demonstrated in every gesture.

Probably your grandmother was a great emotional pillar for you, always gentle, caring, loving, willing to kill your hunger, to warm you in the cold, to give you a little money. Thus, your unconscious projects your grandmother whenever you need a solution to these problems.

You see, you yourself feel that the problems are childish and that you still can’t deal with them, because you projected the great figure of your childhood to help you solve them. You can be sure, after dreaming about your grandmother, you will solve them. The archetype restores in you the confidence that your grandmother projected.

Dream That You Talk With Your Deceased Grandmother

Dreaming that you talk to your deceased grandmother means a lot of c You look good. But the main meaning is that your personal life is on the right path, because you had the wisdom to make your choices the right way. It may seem to you that you are not and that the problems are many, but remember that the right path is always the hardest.

That is, talking to a grandmother always represents wisdom, because she is a person of more experience, who always wants your good and that you have the best life you deserve. That is why talking to the deceased grandmother in a dream represents that, in a way, you followed her advice and have led the right life.

Dreaming That You Hug The Deceased Grandmother

Dreaming that you hug your deceased grandmother, incredible as it may seem, has only one meaning: longing. A lot of homesickness. Yes, this dream has no specific or mystical meaning, no warning sign, nor a prediction for the future. It’s just longing.

You miss your grandmother’s embrace. Always cozy, soft, tender, full of love and affection. You miss being with her, living together, feeling her soft touch and, most of all, the love she had for you.

That is why dreaming that you hug your deceased grandmother is a normal dream, more than you think, and represents only the lack that she misses you and how much you wanted to hug her at least once more. Enjoy the dream, really hug your grandmother, to try to diminish a little the longing you have for her.

Dream That You Kiss Your Deceased Grandmother

Deceased Grandmother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming of kissing your deceased grandmother, as opposed to embracing, means that doubts about your partner’s faithfulness, or even doubts about his or her feelings, are not true.

If your grandmother gives back in the dream and kisses you, it has another meaning. It means that besides the doubts being untrue, your partner is extremely faithful to you, and you can count on him for anything, having his full support.

See, in this case, the kiss on the grandmother or the kiss of the grandmother are archetypes of trust. That is, if you kiss your deceased grandmother, you can feel confident about your partner’s feelings. And if she kisses you back, you can feel even more confident, because besides the feelings being true, he will support you in everything you want. A real partner!

Dreaming Of A Dead Grandmother Crying

Alert! Dreaming of a dead grandmother crying is not at all a good thing. Prepare yourself for moments of difficulty and challenge. Unfortunately there is no way to determine in which area of life these difficulties will appear, whether in the personal, loving, professional, health area, whether it is with friendships or with passions, etc. The only thing you can say is that it will not be easy at all.

The idea here is not to worry, but to warn you so that you strengthen yourself, control your emotions and don’t make any decision about a strong emotion, especially if it is not pleasant.

Concentrate on your strength, on your loved ones and on those who love you and make the right decisions at the right time. Keep in mind that it is only a phase and it will pass.

Dream Of A Dead Grandmother Smiling

If dreaming of a dead grandmother crying is a bad sign, dreaming of a dead grandmother smiling is a wonderful sign. It will be a time of much joy and conquest. Things that you didn’t even expect to happen at that moment will happen.

This dream also does not define in which area of life these positive changes will happen, but prepare yourself to live a dream. It can be in the professional area, with that promotion you expected. It can be in the loving area, with a new love. It can be in the health area, with a news that your exams are up to date and that you are healthy. Anyway.

Enjoy the moment and enjoy it. If it’s financial, use the money responsibly by investing in good investments. If you are professional, take the opportunity to show that you deserved the promotion. If you’re loving, enjoy a passion for cinema. Simply enjoy the moment. You deserve it!

Dream Of A Deceased Grandmother Resuscitating

Good news. Dreaming of a dead grandmother means that you will have the strength, wisdom, and discernment to resolve the issues that are most troubling you at the moment. It can be that serious problem or a simple annoyance of everyday life. The important thing here is that your strength will be regained and you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Take advantage of the moment to identify which are the triggers that make your forces undermine. This moment is very important for self-knowledge, because by identifying what leaves us down, we can better control our emotions and self-esteem in case such facts happen again.

Dreaming Of Burial Of A Deceased Grandmother

The general idea is to associate this dream with something bad, because of the suffering you see at a funeral and that you probably also spent at your deceased grandmother’s funeral. However, it means exactly the opposite. No suffering. It is a sign of health, longevity and life for yourself. Although it scares you with the dream, don’t worry, it is loaded with good energies.

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