Crocodile – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of crocodile probably means something related to disloyalty. It is something a little complex and, because of this, the interpretation of the meaning of dreaming of a crocodile should be analyzed calmly. It is important that you try to find where this disloyalty is to try to avoid this evil in your life, after all, it can have slight consequences, but it can also be something capable of turning your world upside down.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Crocodile?

Crocodile dreams, however, can have different interpretations, and they usually depend, above all, on the context presented to you, if the animal is doing something, for example. That way, to understand what it means to dream of a crocodile, you must remember a little of what you dreamed and know a little more about the different possible meanings for it.

Dream You See A Crocodile

You See A Crocodile

Seeing a crocodile in a dream symbolizes freedom, but also a hidden force and power. This meaning is a little distant from that linked to disloyalty, but it comes closer if he thinks of this hidden force as a potential danger, a force coming from someone capable of betraying you. Bad advice can be something that can divert you out of your path, so it is important that you know how to filter here that it is truly valuable from what will get in your way.

Crocodiles are quite treacherous animals, as they can be found both on land and in water, being deadly in both ways. Their ambiguity is reflected in this sense of disloyalty. In addition, these animals can also be seen as symbols of duality, something that exists between their conscious and the subconscious, the emotional and the rational. Something may be coming up and you have been having difficulty following one of these two paths.

Dreaming That It Is Persecuted By A Crocodile

Dreaming that a crocodile chases you is something that comes to get your attention. In this case, it is very likely that you will be making the wrong choices for your life and so it is very valid that you reflect a little more from now on. This may be strongly linked to your professional side, indicating that you are not experiencing your best phase in this area. If this is happening, you should keep in mind that bad phases pass and that soon everything will be resolved, but you should strive for it. Work hard, focus on your goals and soon things will get better.

Dreaming That You Are Bitten By A Crocodile

Bitten By A Crocodile

Dreaming that a crocodile bites you can be a dream capable of causing some apprehension due to the fear of the danger presented. This dream may mean that you have been feeling this kind of feeling, but you are trying to avoid the painful or destructive aspects that have been affecting your subconscious. It is very important that you try not to keep this kind of feeling to yourself, because the more we accumulate this, the more harm we do ourselves.

You should face things, even if they seem very painful at the moment. Facing one at a time is better than anything you’ve been avoiding and accumulating. The dream may also be talking about these aspects existing in your relationship, as something that has been suffocating you. Again, the important thing is to talk and try to solve these problems as soon as possible, so that they do not become greater than your ability to endure.

Dreaming That Flees From A Crocodile

Dreaming that you are running away from a crocodile has a strong relationship with some kind of repressed desire. This dream, therefore, has a very strong relationship to the dream of being bitten by the crocodile. Here it is worth the same message, you should pay close attention to understand what is being repressed and thus look for some way to express or satisfy it.

Dreaming Of Giant Crocodile

Dreaming of a huge crocodile carries the message that you have been tested by people close to you, even if indirectly. This is something that requires a lot of your attention, as it is something that usually makes you lose patience. It is time, therefore, to act differently. Try not to underestimate people and try to act with them the way they really deserve.

Dreaming Of Crocodile Attacking

This dream has a simple and direct meaning when observing the fact itself. If a crocodile attacks you in a dream, most likely someone will attack you too. Of very simple interpretation, the biggest difficulty is on your part, because you must identify who may be the person who will attack you. It is worth remembering that it may be someone you trust, since dreaming of crocodile has its strong connection with disloyalty.

Dreaming Of Crocodile In Water

The crocodile is an animal that is present both in water and on earth. This duality is important for the interpretation of the dream. In this way, this animal can appear in these two ways. In case he is on the water, the dream warning is for you to pay more attention to your priorities. You have long been deviating from your path, losing focus on the things that really matter. So it’s time to stop to remember why it started.

Dreaming Of Crocodile On Land

Crocodile On Land

On the other hand, dreaming that this reptile is on land, the feeling turns out to be quite similar to its general interpretation. Here, this dream means betrayal. Therefore, it is important that you notice the people around you well to look for some indication of who may end up doing this against you.

Dreaming Of Toothless Crocodile

Dreaming of a toothless crocodile is a sign that you may be judging the book by its cover. A crocodile is an animal that causes fear for its danger, but it resides in its powerful bite. Without teeth, this animal is harmless, but you can only know this if it opens its mouth. Therefore, he is not what he appears to be, just like someone in his conviviality. Keep your mind open to avoid judging people.

Dreaming Of Yellow Crocodile

Crocodile colors have different meanings if they have unusual colors. The first one is yellow, which usually indicates that great riches approach you.

Dreaming Of White Crocodile

The white crocodile is usually a symbol of peace, and may be giving you the feeling of security that is so good to have in our life.

Dreaming Of Green Crocodile

In case it is green, the dream is suggesting a greater connection with nature for you to renew your spirit.

Dreaming Of Black Crocodile

Black is the symbol color of grief. Seeing a black crocodile in a dream is a sign that you have been suffering from a loss, but that you will soon be able to overcome it.

Dreaming Of Puppy Crocodile

Dreaming of crocodile puppy is a strong indication that you have been dealing with many adversities and that it can be interesting to deal with all this more carefully. If you don’t take care of it, the situation can get even more complicated and you may even need help.

Dreaming Of A River Full Of Crocodile

Dreaming that the river is full of crocodiles is linked to the sense of danger that this environment goes through. One should be very careful when approaching a river full of these animals. Similarly you need to be careful with your actions, as they can put you in a complicated situation soon.

Dreaming Of Some Crocodile

A crocodile is one of nature’s greatest predators, seeing one of them meek is a sign that he has been deprived of his instincts, that is, he is losing his freedom. This dream is warning you not to become the meek crocodile. Try to understand what may be shaping you negatively and act to regain control of yourself.

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