Cousin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of cousin means happy moments, of joys and jokes. It is related to family issues.

What Does It Mean To Dream Cousin?

This reference can both point to the past, which is childhood, when normally the family is usually more present in the lives of most people, and to the present, indicating events, good or bad, that are about to occur. It is necessary for the person who dreamed to pay more attention to his family, or resolve existing conflicts.

Think about it: often, cousin dreams remind us of our childhood, and it is common that we had great times with our cousins, when they were more present in our life – this, of course, if their life story with them was good. Over time, it is very likely that you have moved away, with or without suffering.

And now this dream may also mean that you would like to go back to living a moment like the ones you lived in that time, which may indicate that you are in need of more affection and welcome, someone to talk to, to forget a little about your busy routine to relax and pay more attention to you.

Here one can also think of a deeper psychological sense: good or bad, his family was his first means of socialization, which began to happen in the early years of his childhood. This means that it can also symbolically be considered its deepest self, which we often forget when we leave home and immerse ourselves in the troubled adult life. The cousin who appeared in a dream can symbolize forgotten aspects of his deepest psyche.

Dream You See Your Cousin

You See Your Cousin

The cousin in this dream symbolizes an aspect of your personality that you do not know, and that therefore you need to know. But, calm down! You don’t necessarily have to think it’s something negative; it may be, for example, that you have a skill that you completely ignore. In fact, the meaning is much broader than that: you need to invest more in self-knowledge, so that one day you can fully accept yourself. It is interesting to think about doing therapy.

Interestingly, this dream can also mean the opposite: a warning for you to pay more attention to the people around you, because one of them is not quite what it seems to be!

Dream Conversing With Cousin

This means that you will soon receive news from your family. They can sound good or bad, depending on what your relationship with them is like. But remember two things:

Try not to despair, because it is always possible to take some learning out of the problems;
The goal of those who love is to live harmoniously with their loved ones. Therefore, if there is love in your family, it will be easier to resolve conflicts, even those that have existed for a long time.

Dream That Hugs The Cousin

Hugs The Cousin

Contrary to what it seems, it is not good: hugging relatives in general indicates disagreements or diseases in the family.

Dreaming That Discusses With The Cousin

This means that your life will go through very significant changes, which will reach many areas at the same time – that is, it can be the inauguration of a new cycle that is approaching.

However, beware: if you are very angry with something or someone, it will be this feeling that is responsible for all these changes.

Another important sense is that you need to take care of the relationship with the cousin you appeared arguing with, it would be better to see if you are still able to resolve your conflicts and live in peace, at least.

Dreaming That It Is Ignored By The Cousin

It has the same meaning as the lack of self-knowledge of dreaming that you see your cousin.

Dreaming Of Another Person’s Cousin

Prepare for a time of great turbulence in your life, which will make you lose your temper, causing you anguish. Although it is difficult, think about these moments about taking some learning from negative experiences!

Dream That Calls To The Cousin

This dream is somewhat ambiguous. One of the senses is the longing you are feeling for the cousin you saw while sleeping, and by extension, perhaps for your family and friends, indicating that you need to keep in touch with these people and look for them from time to time.

The other, more common, is that you have conflicts that you need to resolve, either with this cousin who appeared to you, or with your family. Good news is that when this dream happens, these problems have already lost much of the importance they once had for you, i.e. “the dust has settled”, and the tendency is that you can cope with them with less difficulty.

First of all, try to get rid of thoughts like “it was his fault”, because if the initiative to call in the dream was yours, the unconscious is telling you otherwise. It is very likely that you did something without thinking about the consequences, hurting other people. So, and no matter how much it hurts in the ego, put yourself in the other’s shoes to understand how he felt, and do the right thing without delay.

And whoever’s to blame, a fight needs at least two people to happen, doesn’t it?

Dreaming Of Dead Cousin

It symbolizes that you are very disappointed with something or someone in the present moment, or even that you think that your life is hopeless, that you are all wrong. First of all, admit discouragement, this is normal to happen.

Then check if, with these problems, there came no new learning or strength to move forward – if not, that’s a problem. But in doing so, try not to be contaminated by the pessimism in which you are immersed. You are very likely to need therapy here too.

Interestingly, however, this dream can also have a positive meaning: if it repeats itself many times, it is a sign of pregnancy in the family!

Dreaming That Fights With The Cousin

Fights With The Cousin

In general, it is the same sense of dreaming of discussion with cousin.

But if this fight included you hitting you, know that your family is going through serious problems, so you need to get closer to them to help them. These problems may be caused by old unresolved issues with them, so initially it is necessary to put everything on clean dishes, even so that you can get closer and help each other.

When this is the case, this dream usually acts as a warning against the ego, which, out of pride, prevents people from sitting down to solve their issues by talking.

Dreaming That Related A Lovely To Cousin

This can be considered the opposite of seeing the cousin and being ignored by him. That is, it shows that you can now accept all its aspects well, that is, you know yourself fully and love yourself, which is a very important achievement for your life.

Probably because of this, another meaning associated with this dream is to be a warning that soon someone with whom you will live a very special relationship will arrive, unlike all you have had so far, because you are much more emotionally mature. Enjoy!

This dream is equivalent to dreaming that you are in love with a cousin, okay?

Dreaming Of Cousin Asking For Help

Contrary to what it may seem, it is you who are in need of help. You need to relax to pay attention to yourself to know what you need. Is it welcome?

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