Coffin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Coffin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The meaning of dreaming of a coffin is linked to its deepest emotions, where no one is able to interfere with your feelings and put you down. Dreaming about a coffin is usually connected to the psychological, where it is possible to rethink some past traumas or try to get rid of some illness.

What does it mean to dream about a coffin? It can mean that it is time to take more care of yourself, paying attention to your feelings and desires, trying to meet your own needs. This may be a more introspective moment of self-knowledge, but you need to keep in mind that it is necessary to stay locked up for a while to put yourself in order.

In this case, the dream is very important for the perception of internal problems that may be bothering you. See now more interpretations that are linked to dreaming with a coffin and find out exactly what your dream meant.

Dreaming Of A Closed Coffin

Losses are inevitable during our life, but in general we only realize how positive they were long after. Dreaming of a closed coffin means that someone very important to you has gone away, or has passed away. When you have this dream, rest assured that its meaning is positive.

Dreaming Of An Open Coffin

Coffin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The dream with a coffin is directly linked to your own feelings and, in case it is open, it means that you are going through a moment of greater control and emotional independence. In this moment, the only person responsible for your own acts is you, and being in control of emotions does not allow anyone to interfere in your choices.

Dreaming Of A Coffin With An Unknown Person

In your dream you stand before a coffin, but the person is unknown? It seems strange, doesn’t it? Yes, but the meaning of this dream is very important. Just like the unknown person in the dream that makes no difference in your life, the feelings you carry with you don’t make any difference either. Get rid of things that don’t add and go on betting on what is really worth it.

Dream Of A Coffin With A Known Person

The dream of a coffin with a known person is linked to his or her inner desires. If you desire something intensely, wait a little, because it is close to happening. Your wish will come true, but do not forget that nothing comes for free: keep working to make it happen!

Dream Of A Coffin At A Funeral

Coffin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The funeral coffin is an omen of bad news! Not necessarily death, but it is possible that something negative will affect your emotional health. Stay alert to this sign and start preparing to face everything with strength.

Dreaming of a coffin at a wake may also depend on other details. The color, for example: if it is white, is a sign that everything will end well. If it is black, the period is one of rebirth; a person can reappear in your life and give you great moments. If the coffin that appears at the wake is cracked, it is because your feelings for someone are not being reciprocated.

Dreaming Of A Child In A Coffin

Dreaming about a child in a coffin if you are pregnant: this dream only conveys your fear that something bad will happen to your baby. Rest assured, despite the bad dream, taking care during pregnancy prevents anything negative from happening.

Dreaming of a child in a coffin if you are not pregnant: indicates rebirth in your life. Something good is about to happen, even if the change is not recognized right away.

Dreaming Of An Empty Coffin

Coffin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of an empty coffin indicates that you are distant from some people with whom you have a relationship or that you don’t commit yourself completely to keep them going. Whether it’s a matter of affinity or personal interests, at this time you will encounter problems with some people around you. Work on this dream so that you do not suffer or make others suffer.

Dream Of A Coffin In The Cemetery

The dream of a coffin in the cemetery could mean a period of much sadness coming around. It can be a sign of depression or some other reason that leaves you in deep sadness. Be careful with this dream and seek help if you notice yourself in this situation.

If in the dream the coffin is buried, the meaning is good: you may be cleaning up your feelings, getting rid of things that don’t do you much good.

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