Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about clothes means your personality itself. It can be a representation that you need to get out of the monotony of everyday life or that you need to solve problems that have been disrupting your life.

Clothes play a fundamental role in people’s daily lives. They represent the personality, they give signs of the humor with which the person woke up in the day and they function as an expression mark for the world.

They are also a mark of civilization, since culture shows us that they have emerged according to the development of humanity. By observing someone’s clothes, one also observes a little of the person’s interior, tastes and choices.

There are days when these pieces also invade the subconscious, in the form of dreams. Just as there are many combinations in our daily lives, there are also many playful meanings for those who dream of clothes. There are many possible interpretations, depending on the characteristics that clothes had in dreams, so be aware of the following interpretations.

Dreaming About New Clothes

If the pieces that appear in your subconscious are intact, it may be an indication that your life is in need of some refreshment. Do not allow the monotony of the days to invade your daily life and make time for the new. Be a new hobby, a new love, a new profession.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and even less to fail. If the size of the new clothes is not yours, just don’t stay with them.

Dream About Old Clothes

There is probably some uncomfortable relationship here. Remember the old maxim that we shouldn’t forcefully fit into clothes that are not our size? Maybe the clothes here are an indication of a relationship worn out and eroded by time.

So maybe it’s time to make a self-reflection and realize where these points of difficulty can be.

Dreaming About Dirty Clothes

Doing the laundry is a common metaphor for problem solving. Perhaps your body is asking for an attitude, or even a reparation because of some mistake made. Stains can sometimes be related to wounds and badly solved things, so it is fundamental to understand what is going on to solve definitively the best possible proof.

When problems accumulate like in a pile of dirty clothes, the effort spent to solve them is enormous, making the wear much greater. So, try to solve the issues that afflict you little by little, as they happen, it will be much easier.

If there are many dirty clothes in your dream, maybe it’s time to really take some time out of your life to solve the issues that arise, because there is no more time to postpone them.

Dreaming About White Clothes

Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The color white is intrinsically associated with peace and tranquility. Because of this, dreaming of white clothes also demonstrates the need to breathe in the midst of confusion. Perhaps it is time to breathe in everyday life and understand the signs your body gives.

If you live immersed in chaos and the rush of everyday life, you should relax a little, seeking balance. Understand the signs that your body gives: it sometimes asks for help in various ways.

Dreaming About Used Clothes

If the clothes in your dream appear a little worn out or represent familiarity, it may be an indication of the need to increase the dialogue with the people around you. In everyday life, sometimes people stop caring about time as relationships get older. Don’t go this way, try to understand and always make yourself understood by the people around you. It will certainly be a more peaceful choice.

Dreaming Of Black Clothes

Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Just as white is associated with peace, black is often associated with mourning. In fact, black is the union of all colors. It forms from a miscellany. Therefore, if the clothes of the dream are black, perhaps there is a confusion of feelings inside.

Whether at work, in life for two, in your family or in your friendships, try to understand if something is wrong. Your body gives small signs of already living an anticipated mourning. Follow the good advice they offer you, but remember that only you can resolve these personal and affective issues.

Dreaming Of Torn Clothes

Cuts are wounds, small lacerations on the skin. Similarly, if the clothes appear torn or cut in your dream, you may be going through a delicate moment of great sorrow and end up reflecting this on your clothing.

Try not to dwell so much on what did you wrong and learn a positive lesson from difficult moments. It’s harder the first few times, but it can become a habit.

Dreaming About Crumpled Clothes

Society has generally agreed to associate well ironed clothes with what is socially acceptable and adequate. Therefore, dreaming of crumpled clothes may indicate insecurities and personal fears.

Perhaps you are going through a delicate moment of low self-esteem. Try to observe your greatest fears. The only way to expel them is to recognize them and work on them.

Dream About A Lot Of Clothes

Dreaming of excess garments indicates unnecessary accumulations in life. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and therefore seeing everyday life in a clustered way. Try to identify all the problems and separate them by areas.

When they are broken down, they become smaller and solvable. To have a well organized closet, it is necessary to separate a time to categorize the pieces. Do the same with afflictions. It will be easier to organize them!

Dreaming Of Clothes On The Clothesline

Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Clothes on the clothesline are associated with the need for cleanliness and tranquility. You must be needing to practice attitudes that value your well-being and comfort. Also, if there are a lot of clothes out there, you probably went through a turbulent period full of important decisions that required a great physical effort to be overcome.

Dreaming Of Clean Clothes

Clean clothes are associated with problem solving and inner peace. If the clean clothes were washed by you, it means that you finally managed to find the necessary strength to solve the problems and follow life.

If the clothes were washed by someone else, maybe you are miraculously waiting for the solution of your problems to fall from the sky. It’s not time to wait, it’s time for action.

Besides, it can also mean that you have put aside old hurts from the past that have hurt you. Take advantage of this moment to reconnect with your inner self and enjoy a little of the peace you deserve.

Dreaming About Women’s Clothes

Clothes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

If you are a woman and dream about women’s clothing, you are probably going through a period of self-assertion and acceptance, rediscovering your tastes and desires. If the clothes are in a showcase, you have probably reflected on your self-esteem and personal care. Your unconscious is proving to enjoy this care!

If you are a man and dream about women’s clothes, the meaning may be different. You probably have some desire to find a more serious relationship or go deeper into what you already have.

It is always an opportunity to show affection, so take the opportunity to surprise the person you love and reflect on the demonstrations of affection you have been practicing in your daily life.

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