Cell Phone – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Cell Phone – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about cell phones means that you are afraid to let go of some things. It is important that you understand that not everything will be at your disposal forever.

Have you ever dreamed of a cell phone or that you handled a cell phone? If you’ve come this far, chances are you have, but first of all, a curiosity: did you notice how hard it was to read what was on the screen? Well, this happens because dreams are directed by the emotional part of our brains, which means that the logical part, the neocortex, is turned off.

This allows you to do or witness absurd things and find them completely normal, but it is also what prevents you from reading anything in a dream, like some notification or message on the screen of your device in case you have or will dream about a cell phone. Well, now let’s move on.

Phones are connectors that connect us to people physically distant from us, and in dreams they have exactly that symbolic representation, because their function is understood by us exactly this way.

The meaning of dreaming with a cell phone is closely linked to this primary function of telephones. Creating connections and bringing people together. So, the ability to reach people, connecting with them and creating emotional bonds, is one of the main concepts to be worked on when it comes to interpreting what it means to dream with cell phones.

Below, we will analyze some of the many common scenarios related to cell phones when dealing with dreams. These will help you to decipher what the dream may suggest. It should be noted that dream reading is also greatly influenced by where phones are located, whether at home or at the office. Well, come on.

Dream That Sees A Cell Phone

It means that you are afraid to turn away from people for whom you hold a high regard. You always want to have these people at your disposal, whether for a good conversation or for counseling, you trust and appreciate their company and are afraid of losing them.

Although this affection is always a feeling to be nurtured, it is good to keep an eye out so that you do not become jealous or, something even worse, a possessive relationship. This dream can also mean that you believe that someone who is far away needs or wants to talk to you.

Dream That You Talk On Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dreamed that you were talking on your cell phone, you probably have an unsatisfied desire, but that has long been fantasized, or some persistent problem has sucked your energies and you feel that it’s time to put an end to this issue. Attitude is the key word in any of these situations, but of course, in everything you do or wish to do, remember to make sure that you are not going to be passing over anyone. Everything you do, comes back to you again. Commit yourself to practicing what is good.

Dream That You Buy A Cell Phone

Cell Phone – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

Dreaming that you are buying a cell phone may suggest the need to get closer to people, open to new experiences and possibilities.

Keeping ourselves private has its degree of importance, either so that we don’t become inopportune, or to have moments of reflection, however, closing ourselves too tightly can also mean the loss of various opportunities, perhaps even that of finding love. But let’s be realistic, perhaps you dreamed that you were buying a cell phone simply because it’s time to change yours. Really?

Dream That You Get A Call On Your Cell Phone

Attention to hasty attitudes. Dreaming that you receive a call on your cell phone is your subconscious alerting you to some decision being made without due parsimony and analysis.

Stop, breathe, read the contract well, take advice from people you trust, see if this is a really worthwhile relationship, if it is time to open your business or change jobs. Review your concepts.

Dream That You Find A Cell Phone

Dreaming that you find a cell phone is an indication that you are open to new love relationships, to make new friendships and to know new places. It can mean that some trip is coming up, so it’s good to stay alert and grab the chance when it does.

Dream That You Lose Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you lose a cell phone can be a warning that you are moving away from people important to you. Often overwork or even a new loving relationship can take us away from friends or family. Do not let this happen.

If work is what is taking your time, never forget that your family – even if it is for them that you work so hard – needs your presence more than your money. If you are moving away from people dear to you because of a new relationship, make an effort to bring both you and your friends and family closer together.

Dream That You Get A Cell Phone

The interpretation depends on who gave you this phone. Was it someone from your family or your circle of friends? Was it someone from your work or someone with whom you maintain or have had a loving relationship? This dream suggests that this person wants to get close to you or come back to you.

An ex may be missing you and wants to resume the romance, a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, a relative who misses you, or someone at work who wants to strengthen the relationship. Keep your eyes on the people around you.

Dream That You Let Your Cell Phone Fall In The Water

Water is a strong symbol of cleansing and purification, so contrary to what it may seem, if your cell phone fell in the water in your dream, this is a good sign. People like and speak well of you. But if the water he fell in is dirty and dark, the message has an opposite sense and gossip and intrigue may be surrounding you.

Dreaming That You Let Your Cell Phone Fall To The Ground

Letting the cell phone fall and break in the dream, or even finding a broken cell phone, suggests your feelings about connections and accesses in life that have been or will be compromised and ruined. The dream announces that some of your friendships or close relationships will suffer damage that may become irrecoverable.

This can occur because of something you can say or do, or it can also be a misunderstanding between you and the person. Either way, recovering a good relationship will depend on a considerable amount of resources and time, as well as goodwill.

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