Boss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Boss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about the boss can represent a professional gain and financial success, even if the dream wasn’t very pleasant as an argument, a fight. In fact, there are many meanings to dreams with the boss and everything will depend on the state of mind you are in and how your emotions are.

Many people think that dreaming with the boss means something bad that can happen with the job. The meaning of dreaming with the boss is not connected to anything negative or bad omen. In fact, most of the time this dream represents exactly the opposite.

Dreaming That Sees The Boss

Dreaming that you see the boss is an incentive from your unconscious so that you continue to devote yourself to your work, your company and the tasks that the boss assigns you. The unconscious is telling you that he is satisfied with your performance within the work and that, if you continue like this, you will soon reap the fruits you are planting.

Try to think of this dream without the strong stereotype of the boss, but rather as a coach, or, as it is in fashion, a coach, who is training you so that you, for instance, will take his place one day.

Just be careful not to delude yourself with the dream and end up relaxing or lowering your guard at work. Remember that there is the place of your work and should be taken very seriously. Work hard, have determination and this dream will take you very far in your career.

Dream That You Talk To The Boss

Boss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dreaming that you talk to the boss means that your projects will be approved and that this will give you a lot of prestige before your boss and other company leaders. The dream itself must also be analyzed in its details, in every detail, but in general terms, be prepared to put your project into practice.

And that’s exactly what this dream came to warn you, that you will have more work, because if you are the responsible for the project, surely you will be more charged for it. Don’t forget that it is the parents who must take care of their children. Take care of the project like a child, with all the attention, affection and love and everything will work out.

Fall in the graces of the boss has two sides. The first and best side is that you will be able to work in a quieter environment and without many anxious worries about your job stability or not. On the other hand, your responsibility increases a lot because the boss has placed his trust in you. Therefore, you should do your utmost to meet expectations and not let him down.

Dream That You Receive A Task From Your Boss

Dreaming that you get a job from your boss is not about work, but about some responsibility that you will receive from your family or friends. The boss, in this case, represents nothing more than a superior, as if he were a father, who would give you a responsibility.

It can be something very simple, like taking care of a friend’s pet while she travels, as it can be something more complicated, like having to spend the night in hospital with a sick relative.

The good side of the dream is that it shows that people see you as a responsible person, because they will entrust a responsibility to you. Try to accomplish this task with all your heart and all your strength and determination and everything will be fine. You are capable of receiving responsibilities, whether from friends or relatives, otherwise the dream would not appear to you.

Dream That You Argue With The Boss

Boss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This dream is quite literal. To dream that you argue with your boss is simply to represent the relationship between you. The dream can be only a manifestation of your dissatisfaction and sadness because of this troubled relationship you have. In fact, it’s just a warning from your unconscious that you don’t like your boss. Nothing you didn’t already know, isn’t it?

The main question the dream must have is whether it’s really worth you to continue in this job or in this sector. Isn’t there a possibility that you are transferred to have a better working environment? Wouldn’t it be better for you to look for another place to work? Even because not having a good relationship with the boss can be highly negative for your growth in the company.

Take a conscience exam and see what you can do to improve your relationship. Is it your performance at work that is not pleasing the boss? Is it just the two of you that don’t get along, or are there other people that also complain about him? Analyze your professional life and see if you see yourself working in this company in five years. If the answer is no, you already know what to do.

Dream That You Make Peace With The Boss

This dream doesn’t have much to do with the boss himself either. Dreaming that you make peace with the boss means that something that you have recently lost little by little is re-establishing itself in your life. This in relation to feelings. In other words, emotionally you are reaching balance again.

If your confused emotions are connected to your professional life, it means that good times will come. Maybe you will get the promotion you were looking for, or you will be hired for a new job. Take advantage of the moment to give a gas in your career.

Dream That You Are Praised By The Boss

Dreaming that you are praised by your boss means that your unconscious is asking for professional recognition. In other words, you know that you are doing a correct, useful and very good job, but for some reason you are not being recognized by your superior.

So, to fulfill this desire, the unconscious projects in dream the praise you so much expect in real life.

The question here is, if you know that you are doing a good job and you are not recognized, is it worth continuing in this company? Wouldn’t you get a better career in a place that values you? Think about it.

Dream That You Are Fired By Your Boss

Boss – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Alert! This dream with the boss in fact does not have a very good meaning. In a more comprehensive way, dreaming that you are fired by the boss is an archetype of old feelings and thoughts that made you suffer and that for some reason are coming back to your mind.

It may be something from early childhood that you had already forgotten, it may have been a rejection of a love in adolescence, it may even be the dismissal of a job that you liked a lot.

The central issue of this dream is self-knowledge and the identification of the triggers that lead you to these memories and thoughts. Try to analyze yourself and you will come up with an answer.

Dream That You Are The Boss

This dream is nothing more than the manifestation of his real desire to assume a superior position in his work. All right, it’s not something that was in the unconscious. You have it very well conscious in your thoughts.

The point is: what have you been doing to gain positions in your career? Have you been preparing yourself? Have you studied? Have you been committed? This promotion only depends on you, whether in the company you are in now or in another.

Dreaming About A New Boss

A sign of news in your life, but not necessarily in your professional environment. Dreaming of a new boss means that there will be a great novelty in your life, more likely in your personal life than in your professional life, and it will be a good thing. Wait and see!

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