Bird – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of a bird means a positive sign. It can symbolize your career and the social side of your life. It represents all the freedom you crave in your life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Bird?

A bird is an animal and, as described under the general symbol, encompasses something related to instinct and therefore something natural in us.

In dreams, birds are usually images of elements such as intuition (help from the unconscious), spirituality (birdies flying high), fantasy (which can be caged) or freedom (free as a bird). The meanings can be many, especially if we consider that there are so many species of birds. The condition of the bird in the dream can also be an indication of something very central.

One can see birds in dreams as a helping hand of the unconscious – a messenger who provides something that can help you in your situation, but that you have to pick up and accept, before “the little bird flies”, that is, before the chance is missed.

The birds can fly and are free from the normal limitations of the Earth, we have to accept. For this reason, dreams of birds – as well as dreams in which it is possible to fly – can be seen as an image of the ability to free oneself from the limitations we can feel. They can be external or even internal limitations. Dreams of birds can therefore also symbolize desires for freedom.

Since the bird is free from the common terrestrial limitations of humans, it is usually a symbol of fantasy. It can be loud (maybe you have some ideas you’re trying to do), or it can be very limited in your movement (the bird in the cage). Little birds can fly high and, in this image, dreams of birds can also involve their own effort for spirituality and brightness, perhaps a search for deeper meaning.

Little birds can, in some cases, symbolize something feminine: in men, their inner feminine qualities, and in women, their so-called self or their most intimate being.

Dream You See A Bird

Birdie in a dream alludes to good incidents, such as wealth, good fortune and increased livelihood. The person who sees a little bird in his dreams appreciates the development of his business and prosperity.

Dreaming Of Flying Bird

Flying Bird

Flying birds mean prosperity and abundance. They can be a symbol of your career. They can also symbolize your social life. Sometimes this dream indicates that you are flying high. Maybe you have great goals and ambitions to achieve.

Dreaming Of A Bird In The Cage

If the birdie was in a cage, then you may feel like you’re stuck in something in search of a way out. If you see more than one bird in the cage, this may suggest happiness at home.

Dreaming Of A Singing Bird

If the birdie was singing, it could mean good news on the way, or a general feeling of joy and happiness at the moment.

Dreaming Of Bird In The Nest

Bird In The Nest

Dreaming of a bird’s nest full of eggs is a sign of success in meeting people. An empty nest suggests concern and pessimism in business. If in the nest you see abandoned puppies crying, it is a sign of concern for someone in your family.

Dreaming Of Colorful Bird

If your dream is about brightly colored birds, this represents female fertility or sexuality, and is a strong positive indicator for involvement in sexual activities. If your dream is about dark-colored birds, or birds of prey in flight, this indicates a negative energy cleansing.

Dreaming Of Dead Bird

Dead Bird

The death of the bird in the dream does not point to the things that are good, it indicates sadness and anguish. If the bird dies at the hands of the dreamer, it is a bad sign. Sometimes this dream refers to difficulties and loss of money in your professional life.

What Do The Colors Of The Bird Mean In Your Dream?

Blue birds in dreams: love and honesty will be yours. You will dedicate yourself to the task you have at hand. It can also represent peace and kindness.
Violet/purple birds dreams: this is connected to meditation and imagination in life. There are qualities you need to show others.
Red birds in dreams: energy and grounding, you will find passion and stability.
Yellow birds dreams: fun ahead, you will find power and intellect.
Green birds in dreams: balance and communication will be yours. Turn to nature and meditation. The green birds also suggest calm and love for life.
Orange birds in dreams: creative flow and you will also be happy in life.
Black birds in dreams: Deep focus on growing yourself and others.
Pink birds in dreams: pink is connected to the heart chakra, is associated with meditation and love.
White birds in dreams: peace in life and meditation. It also represents a clear thought, especially if the white birds were flying in the dream.
Golden birds in dreams: a material wealth will be yours.
Brown birds dreams: fertility and base in life.
Grey birds in dreams: this means being in touch with yourself.
Black and white birds in dreams: common birds in dreams of this type represent the unknown in life.

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