Bad Guy- Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Bad guy

You have had thousands of dreams throughout your life, many of which you don’t even remember. Others, quite clear. Some happy, others real nightmares. But, have you ever stopped to think about the importance of dreaming and its relevance to your life?

Dream About Bandit


Contrary to popular belief, the dream is not a mere harmless dream activity. It can, indeed, reveal some of the most hidden feelings of your soul and personality, and often help to understand why certain attitudes or situations you experience when awake.

If, for science, the act of dreaming represents only an experience of imagination on the part of the unconscious during sleep, for Freud, considered the father of psychoanalysis, dreams indicate the expression of repressed desires.

So, do not dismiss the importance of a dream that apparently seems weird and meaningless. Try to remember every detail and seek the help of an expert. After all, there are more truths in a dream than you can imagine. Let’s find out now what it means to dream about a bad guy.

Dream About A Bad Guy: Positive Or Negative?

At first glance, we could classify this dream as a nightmare, because it brings a sense of danger and helplessness. However, even in a dream, not everything is as it seems. The meaning can be in the details, in the situation experienced, if you were alone or accompanied and several other details that may clarify the reason why you dreamed about this theme. Want to know the meaning of dreaming about a bad guy? So follow this quick analysis.

Dreams About Bandits: What Is The Symbolism?

Dreams about a bad guy, as frightening as they seem, are not always a bad omen. This type of dream can awaken questions and help to clarify fears to be worked on so that your life takes off. A warning about your behavior or that of people around you, suggesting that you protect yourself not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Dreaming about a bad guy can indicate, in a first reading, that you are very afraid of losing everything you have achieved. Often, you do not feel worthy of what you have and, in your unconscious, you feel threatened to lose assets, position or even love.

Work better on your self-esteem to stop feeling like a “usurper of a life” who struggled so hard to conquer. Another meaning of dreaming about a bad guy can be an alert that you are reaching the limit in a situation or relationship. There is something badly resolved that needs to be worked on or put an end to this story so that you can break free and move on.

Dreaming Seeing A Bandit

In the dream, observing a bandit assaulting another person is related to financial or professional life. You are likely to feel the envy of someone or that someone is stealing your ideas and draining your energy. It is good to be alert, as you may suffer some loss or material loss. It is also indicative of disagreements within the family.

On the other hand, if the victim of the assault is a known person, it is possible that you have an unresolved situation with that person or feel that you are being harmed by them.

Dreaming Of Being Attacked By A Bandit

Attacked By Bandit

The meaning of this dream will depend on its outcome. If, in the dream, you managed to overcome the element that attacked you, it indicates that you will soon achieve a great achievement.

However, if you find yourself helpless and powerless, it is an alert to a situation that can bring you harm. Don’t get carried away by anyone’s advice or make hasty decisions. A little prudence never hurts.

Dreaming Of A Thug Invading Your Home

If, in your dream, a bandit enters your home, it indicates that you are experiencing problems in your personal relationship. You are likely to feel that you are wasting energy without being rewarded, or that you need to pay more attention to your love. Invest more in romantic surprises if you think it’s worth it. If the relationship is worn out, it is best to open your heart (your home) and put out everything you feel.

Dreaming Of Many Bad Guys

The sensation of being invaded, in your sleep, by several bandits, is more than an imaginary situation. It is a message from your unconscious so that you are aware of envy in the professional environment or the risk of people wanting to “steal” your place in the workplace. Try not to trust those you don’t know so much.

Dreaming That He Is Chased By A Bandit

In general, chasing dreams mean that you are having a hard time believing in yourself and your potential. It is linked to low self-esteem. Doubting your own ability can hinder you from achieving your goals. Dreams about bandits usually suggest that the person is not comfortable with what he has and does not feel worthy of his achievements.

Dreaming That You Are Hurt By A Bandit

This dream shows that you are very concerned with the material side and are afraid of losing one or more assets. If, in the dream, you get shot by a thug, don’t be alarmed. Contrary to popular belief, this suggests that you will have a positive solution to any problem you are experiencing, whether it be loving, family or professional.

Dreaming That You Are Killed By A Bandit

Don’t worry, this is not a premonitory dream. However, it brings up some insecurities in your life. Dreaming that you are shot by a bandit suggests that you feel very exposed to bullshit opinion. On the other hand, it can also indicate a warning from your subconscious that you need to pay more attention to your health.

Dreaming That You Fight With A Bandit

Fight the Bandit

If, in your dream, you find yourself fighting with a bandit, it means that your sense of justice is very strong. You value everything you have achieved and defend it tooth and nail, but you often fail to express your opinions for fear of being judged. Have more confidence in yourself and don’t let anyone steal your freedom of speech.

Dreaming That You’re A Bad Guy

Usually, the dream about a bandit brings up feelings of fear, anguish or remorse on the part of the dreamer. It reflects some regret from the past. If you dream that you are a bandit and end up being arrested, it means that you feel the need to isolate yourself to rethink your life. Almost always, dreaming about a bad guy also represents the desire to get rid of bad thoughts.

Dreaming That Kills A Bandit

Mortally wounding a bad guy in the dream has a positive meaning: the end of a cycle. The figure of the dead bandit indicates that you put an end to a series of problems and managed to free yourself from a situation that seemed to have no solution. You feel like you’ve faced and overcome your own fears and it’s time to enjoy that moment of tranquility.

Dreaming That You Know A Bandit

When you dream that someone you know is a criminal, it doesn’t mean that he or she is actually involved in a crime, but it means that you have lost confidence in them for some reason. It also indicates that you are judging others too much. It is time to be more flexible and understand that there is no one perfect. Free yourself from prejudice and be happy.

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