Assault – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of assault is not one of the most enjoyable experiences anyone can have, because there is a good chance that you will wake up scared, with your heart beating fast and even disoriented. Usually, this dream is related to financial losses, but we should warn you that dreaming of assault does not always mean something.

You need to consider if you’ve been through some trauma, if you’re very afraid of violence in the country or even if you’ve seen some case in the newspaper or on television that impressed you.

If deep down you know that this dream wants to tell you something, we have made a list to help you understand what it means to dream about assault. It’s worth pointing out that the meaning of dreaming about assault can vary and, yes, it can even be something positive! Read our list carefully and find out what your dream wants to tell you!

Dream That Is Robbed

What does it mean to dream that you are being robbed? Real life robbery is detriment and, depending, even humiliation. Dreaming that you are being robbed does not have a very different meaning, because it represents that you may suffer some losses in life. It is an indication that you will go through possible financial problems. It is very important that at this time you take great care with expenses, unforeseen events and the appearance of debts. Always be prepared!

This dream of assault may also mean that some project of yours will unfortunately not come out as planned. Be ready to deal with possible professional frustrations. We advise you to be careful not to spend too much money or invest in uncertain things. Be very cautious and do your best to avoid negative situations and surprises!

Dream Of Home Robbery

Dreaming of a house being robbed means that you will go through some important and unexpected changes. But don’t worry, it will be something positive, that you will like a lot.

However, if the burglar is robbing YOUR house, this dream becomes a warning! Be careful with your finances and your love relationship, be prepared for possible crises and problems. The house is a metaphor for your life and probably someone or something will surprise you in a negative way. Surpass everything with a good attitude – you will win!

Dreaming About Attempted Robbery

Just like dreaming that you or your house is being robbed, dreaming of attempted robbery indicates frustration in the financial field. The tip is to be really careful with new investments! Avoid unnecessary risks!

Dreaming About Burglary

As we have seen, usually dreaming of a thief and/or being robbed is an indication of financial problems, but everything can change according to the context of the dream.

If the thief has been arrested or killed, it is likely that you will overcome a powerful obstacle or enemy. Victory is certain! If in the dream you manage to defeat the thief in some way, this is a sign that you will overcome your problems with courage, determination and security! Don’t be afraid!

If you have dreamed of several robbers, this symbolizes that you are being the target of envy and jealousy. Stay alert with false people and don’t let them hurt you. If you dream of armed and hooded robbers, this indicates competition at work. It is possible that you lose a promotion to someone who wants to pass you by. Dreaming of a thief in the window (or jumping the window) is also a warning for you to take care in your professional environment. Be careful and avoid anyone who might want to harm you!

Dreaming Of Car Robbery

Car Robbery

Dreaming about a car being robbed can be scary, but the meaning is something positive! It means you will receive extra money. It’s very likely that that friend or relative who borrowed your money will finally pay you back.

It’s worth pointing out that this dream may also be a reflection of a traumatic memory (if your car has already been stolen) or the result of some concern for the safety of your property.

Dream That You Are A Robber

What does it mean to dream that you are stealing? If you dreamed you were robbing someone or stealing something, incredible as it may seem, it could be a good omen. There is a good chance you will receive good news or a pleasant surprise soon!

However, dreaming that you are stealing can also mean that you have a shaken self-esteem. You need to evaluate what your feelings were in the dream to arrive at a more correct interpretation.

Dreaming Of Armed Robbery

The interpretation of this dream depends on the context and how the thief acted.

If you just saw the armed bandit and away from you, it shows that your assets are safe and that there are no chances of financial crises.

If you are being robbed at gunpoint and you manage to fight back, it is an indication that you will achieve professional victories, but if you lose, it is a sign that you need to stay alert with false people in your life.

Dreaming Of A Burglar Being Arrested

To dream that the assailant is being arrested is a good omen. It is a sign that you will overcome a professional or financial difficulty. If, in the dream, the thief is in prison, it’s a reinforcing message so that you don’t give up your projects. However complicated they may be, you will be victorious and achieve good results! Keep up the good work!

Dream Of Death In Assault

Death In Assault

Dreaming of assault and death is also a warning that you may have financial and/or professional losses. If the thief killed someone, this is a warning sign: be cautious in your job. However, if the burglar is the person who died, it means the opposite: you will have balance in finances and overcome any adversity. Keep fighting and stay calm, because you will achieve recognition and success!

Dream Of A Known Person Being Assaulted

Dreaming that you are seeing someone you know being mugged reveals that you are worried about someone close by. Pay attention to your friends and family, maybe someone needs your help.

Dreaming that the assailant gets away with it is also an indication that you will have financial problems. Be cautious and try to save some money.

Dreaming About Assault At Work

If you had a dream about assault at work, be careful not to be the victim of gossip and intrigue in your professional environment. It could be that some colleague is trying to steal your job or harm you in some way.

However, the meaning is different if it was you who committed the robbery. If you were robbing in your work environment, this is a sign that you will get something good as a gift from a relative, colleague or friend.

Dream That You Are Witnessing A Robbery

Dreaming that you are seeing a robbery can be a sign of luck. The vision of a robbery to another person, and not to you, symbolizes that new opportunities will arise in your life, which can be both professional and personal.

If you see an acquaintance being robbed, this may be a reflection of some concern you have at the moment. Perhaps the person, who is being robbed, in real life, needs your help and support.

However, if you see a person being robbed near you, being able to react but not react, out of fear, this shows that you are having difficulties with self-esteem and confidence. You probably don’t recognize your own qualities and virtues. Trust yourself more!

Dream Of Cell Phone Theft

Cell Phone Theft

What does it mean to dream you had your cell phone stolen? Dreaming about a stolen cell phone, although it may seem a negative dream, is exactly the opposite. It means positive things in your life, which may represent future gains and even the appearance of a new love.

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