Abortion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Abortion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

An abortion is most often a traumatizing event, even when intentional. Dreaming of abortion symbolizes something inconclusive, which did not come true, or had an abrupt end. The meaning of dreaming about abortion can also be a subconscious manifestation of hesitation about change, something to which many of us are not exactly affectionate, or afraid to shoulder responsibilities and obligations.

Dreams can be complex and require interpretation, but it is obvious that many times they are just reflections of what you have experienced or seen, so if you have had an experience as striking as an abortion, you have been close to someone who has suffered one, or even watched a character from your favorite series or soap opera in that situation, it is only natural that you dream about this kind of event.

Even if you don’t remember, know that you dream every night and your subconscious sometimes shows you, in dream form, images that you don’t even remember seeing, but that were captured by it. However, some dreams do hold deeper messages that deserve proper interpretation.

In this article we will analyze some of the most common and recurring dreams about abortion and what this can really mean. A warning about something you have not consciously noticed? Something you need to leave behind? Nervousness about simply waiting for a baby? All this can be related to what it means to dream about abortion. It’s time to find out.

Dreaming About Having An Abortion

Abortion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

It symbolizes the end of a relationship, which can be of friendship or love and even the leaving of a job. Dreaming that you see an abortion cannot be interpreted as something bad, since some relationships are toxic, that is, they do us more harm than good. Life is made of cycles, you have certainly heard it around and it is the most absolute truth. If it is your job to leave, remember, there is one door that closes and another that opens. Don’t look at the one that has closed so as not to notice the one that has opened.

Dreaming About Natural Abortion

Not everything we planned works out, that’s a fact. It happens all the time with everyone. So it’s right there, something you may not realize. Okay, we know, it will hurt, be frustrating and very, very boring, but… come on! There’s something good about it too, you know what it is? You’re learning and evolving, because this only happens if we try and make mistakes. This contributes to make you a better person. Ball forward!

Dream That You’re Miscarrying

Stress is one of the great evils of today. Dreaming that you are miscarrying is a warning that some situation or phase of your life is taking you to the limit. This generates anxiety and undermines your health. Don’t neglect yourself, practice something relaxing or that disconnects you from reality. This is not an escape, it’s just a window for you to put your head out and breathe. Drugs will not help you, they are the opposite, they are an escape from reality. Try to read, take a walk, go out with friends or loved ones, watch a movie or practice a hobby.

Dream About Miscarriage

There is something preventing you from growing professionally and this may even be your own fear of daring more. It is interesting to note that not taking risks is a risk in itself, because if you don’t take risks, you run the risk of staying in the same place, stagnant and without evolving. Show what you are capable of, take the first step and face life in front. It’s up to you!

Dreaming About Abortion With A Lot Of Blood

Dreaming about abortion and a lot of blood is not quite what it seems. The image may even be terrifying, but this dream symbolizes an end, but also its resumption. Something you have been fighting for will go wrong, but don’t be discouraged, the blood represents that it won’t be easy to rise again, but that defeat didn’t come for you although you feel frustrated. Keep fighting and overcoming more this obstacle and your moment will come very soon.

Dream That You See The Dead Fetus

To dream that you see a dead fetus is a manifestation of guilt of your unconscious. Remorse and repentance have value, they remind us of our mistakes and give meaning to our efforts to become better people.

However, being consumed by these feelings can lead us to a deep emotional abyss that will only result in more remorse and repentance. Ask for forgiveness if it still makes sense (and almost always does), or if it is a mistake that has affected only you, leave behind and move on, there is always a new horizon ahead of you.

Dream That You Die During The Abortion

It is not pleasant to dream that you are dying, and much more unpleasant to dream that you die during an abortion. Despite all the negative burden we associate with a dream like this, dreaming that you are dying during an abortion is in a way a sign that you must leave behind something you longed for a lot, but that went wrong for some reason, and prepare yourself for a fresh start. Therefore, forget the past and prepare for the future.

Dreaming About Illegal Abortion

Dreaming you have an illegal abortion means you don’t want things to change. You’re afraid of change, of having to move, make new friends, a new job, a new love or even a promotion.

This fear manifests itself because you think you are unable to face the challenges that come with the changes and believe you don’t have the necessary skills. But know that you will always be incapable if you don’t try and discover what you are capable of. If you fail, do it differently next time. But if you don’t try, there will never be a next time and the doubt of never knowing is a very big burden to carry with age. Believe more in yourself.

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